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Find success with the world’s largest pretzel bakery franchise.
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Own a profitable quick service restaurant that embraces the mystical and tantalizing flavours of the Far East
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Find success with the world’s largest pretzel bakery franchise.
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Treat Yourself & Start Living the Future you’ve been Dreaming of with Eggless Cake Shop!
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The Urban Chocolatier is well known for its exceptional quality desserts and Italian coffee served in a cool, quirky and urban environment.
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Trends and Facts About Snack Franchises

The UK is a nation of snackers - it's official.

We eat more snacks in the UK than anywhere else in Europe. Two-thirds of us enjoy a snack at least once a day; a third of 25-34-year-olds replace a proper meal with a snack more than once a week.


Although we are snacking more than ever, the primary trend (especially among younger consumers) is towards healthy snacks over crisps and chocolate.

The healthy snack franchise market is growing exponentially as we find supermarket shelves stacked with kale chips, protein bars, rice cakes, chicken bites, and energy balls. It seems that protein is in high demand for health-conscious twenty/thirtysomethings.

The traditional notion of "three meals a day" is evolving in the UK into something altogether more fluid; structured around our often unpredictable working patterns and the demand for healthier lifestyles.

Consumers are actively seeking out snacks that boost nutrition, with 40% of adults in the UK regarding snacks as a path to better nourishment. While only 50% of adults in the UK regularly eat their recommended five-a-day, healthier snacks are paving the way for time-poor consumers to meet that target.


Snack franchises offer market entry onto a notoriously competitive supply chain. Getting stocked on supermarket shelves and in vending machines is a huge task for any new business, so if your passion is all about creating fresh snack ideas, then a snack franchise is a route into this notably closed marketplace.

Snack franchises provide an opportunity to become your own boss, using a business model that has already been proven successful, with familiar branding that your future customers already know, love, and trust.

Investment in a snack franchise is perfect for anyone new to running a business. Self-employment offers a type of freedom you don't get with the nine-to-five. But running a company isn't without its headaches: the paperwork, the financial obligations - it all builds up.

Luckily, most snack franchise parent companies offer a support package with ready-to-go processes, HR infrastructure, and an established framework of regulatory compliance, so you can just get on with the job you love without the worry.

Facts About Snack Franchises

Obesity is a significant problem in many Western countries, and the UK government has pledged to encourage healthier lifestyles for all; with programmes such as Couch to 5K. This puts the snack franchise sector into a potentially perilous position, but an opportunity to thrive if you're considering healthy snacking.

In the past, we've seen crisps and chocolate as packets of empty calories; with products crammed with sugar, fat, and carbs, but low on nutritional value.

Now, many consumers are looking to improve their nutritional intake through their chosen snacks.

That's not to say that there aren't significant profits to be made in more traditional treats such as chocolate, crisps, and sandwiches. But for an increasingly health-conscious consumer market, those traditional snacks are considered treats rather than daily requirements.

And we all need treats, right?

The vending machine sector of the snack franchise market is booming, with almost 463,000 machines selling around 6 billion items each year (and a market turnover of about £1.65bn).

Franchising Vs Independent

Banks and moneylenders offer the pathway to starting up, but they don't just give money away willy-nilly: they want a return on investment and reassurance that your business is sound.

Franchise businesses tend to fare far better when seeking startup funding than independent companies (who lack the support of an experienced partner) because their proposed business model has already been proven successful, profitable, and viable.

Independent companies often struggle to achieve startup collateral because their business model is yet to be trialled. Franchising offers a surer return on investment with a higher likelihood of longevity than an independent company.

Franchise businesses often hit the ground running with access to an existing client base, whereas independent companies often struggle to penetrate the market. Unfortunately, almost half of all independent companies go bankrupt within their first three years as they fight to recoup their startup costs.

Franchisees benefit from expert support from their parent company and immediately familiar branding, helping them thrive from the moment they start trading.

Snack Franchises

Explore our fabulous choice of exclusive snack franchises, and get the UK nibbling on healthy snacks!

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