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The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Franchisor - How to Set Up Your Franchise

Have you ever wondered if your business could be franchised?

Many businesses are prime candidates for franchising, even smaller, independent companies. The process is a popular option as franchising is an excellent way to grow a business and launch a brand on a national scale across multiple territories and countries. Numerous business owners decide to enter into franchising as the potential for increased profits is endless.

However, a lot of research and consideration is needed before considering becoming a franchisor.

Don’t know where to start?

Here at Franchise Direct, we have compiled a step-by-step knowledge guide to help entrepreneurs understand what is required of them if they wish to become a franchisor.

The below articles will help you set you on the right path to franchising.
You have a great business idea, and you've started your own successful business. What's the next step? Business owners are asking themselves the question: should I franchise my business?
The first issue a new franchisor must address before franchising its business, is to consider the following four key elements- longevity and potential of products/and or services; unique brand and business identity; model is easy to operate and capable management systems established- to make the franchise system work to the best of its ability.
A pilot franchise is a very good idea for potential franchisors to undertake before committing to franchising the business. It allows the potential franchisor to assess the business model and its attributes before deciding it is worth the investment to expand the business.
View these nine central points you must consider and incorporate in your franchise package. Use this list as a reference guide when you are developing your franchise business system.
What is the importance of a franchise association membership and why should any franchise be bothered to apply, or why should any franchisee pay any attention to association accreditations?
Want to know if a candidate is a good fit for your franchise? View the following checklist in how you should assess potential franchisees interested in investing in your franchise operation…
A short article explaining how to provide training and ongoing support for your franchisees.

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