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Courier & Delivery Franchise Opportunities for Sale

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Management franchise in the packaging and shipping sector available to entrepreneurs looking to get more out of working life.
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Open your own courier franchise business based on a successful and proven concept. With a Speedy Freight franchise you are supplied with the entire turnkey package to start making profit from day one.
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Be your own boss and build a successful recruitment franchise with our expert help, support and training.
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Signs Express is firmly established as the largest and leading signs franchise in the UK and Ireland – come and join an award winning team.
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A management franchise opportunity in the lucrative same day dedicated express freight industry
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Information requested a unique sales and business management franchise that can deliver terrific revenues, flexible hours and solid residual income for you.
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A visual communications company, one of the most rewarding franchise opportunities in the UK.
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Mail Boxes Etc. is a one-stop high street store. Click here to read about this great franchise opportunity...
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We're a one stop shipping & logistics solution for SME businesses, providing domestic and international shipments at competitive rates.
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Trends and Facts About Courier & Delivery Franchises

Are you bored with the 9 to 5? Maybe you hate your boss? Have you thought about going into business for yourself?

There are several traditional business formats. Each has its own structure, legal rights, responsibilities, and initial and continuous rates of success. Of all of them, franchises are often the most successful. They have the added benefit of being beneficial to all parties involved.

Franchising is a chance to profit from the hard-earned reputation of established brands; minus the risks associated with starting up from scratch.

Franchises are successful operations with a substantiated track record of growth. Taking on a successful brand is the smart path to working for yourself. Are you interested yet?

The UK Franchise Market The UK Franchise Market is a £15 billion industry. The volume of franchise companies increased in the UK by 20% between 2008 and 2013.

Compare that to a 2.5% contraction of the economy over the same timescale.

The courier industry contributed £10.1 billion to the UK economy in 2017. Franchising is the smart way to get a share of that success and increase your bottom line.

What Are Courier Services?

The Postal and Courier industries collect, sort, and deliver parcels, documents, letters, and other items all across the UK; 24-hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year.

While the national postal service has declined over the past couple of decades, private delivery services offering speedy transportation of parcels and letters are in more demand than ever.

Delivery of Online Sales

The UK public is addicted to online shopping. And the courier and delivery industry is continually growing as a result of the population's insatiable appetite for reliable, high-speed home deliveries; often on a same-day basis.

Some courier companies focus on niche products, such as deliveries for the print and copy sectors; helping printing services provide rapid turn-around for posters, flyers, newspapers, and booklets.

Online fashion sales alone reached £16.2 billion in 2017, with a projected increase of 10% between 2017 and 2021.

There’s certainly no shortage of demand for courier businesses who can deliver around the clock in this exciting, thriving industry.

Courier Franchise Industry Sectors

The courier franchise industry covers a wide range of business sectors, including:

  • Printed media
  • Online fashion
  • Home delivery services
  • Food and drink delivery
  • Document couriering
  • Home shopping
  • Letters, telegrams, and advertising copy

To have a successful delivery service, you should be familiar with each industry sector's requirements. A diligent franchisor will likely provide you with valuable information that helps you and protects their image.

The Courier and Delivery Industry is Robust

The franchise industry as a whole has remained incredibly resistant to the UK's challenging economic climate. Industry-wide, franchising is experiencing continued, record growth.

More than 50% of all new franchise businesses report annual turnovers in excess of £250,000 within the first five years.

A tightly-managed franchise is considered a secure and flexible way of building your own business, providing scope for impressive financial rewards.

Setting Up a Courier and Delivery Franchise

Setting up any business takes a considerable amount of work. If you are doing it without the support of a parent company, you need to be skilled in all aspects of entrepreneurship and business management. Starting a courier and delivery business requires:

  • Commitment
  • Feasible plan
  • Hard work
  • Money
  • Time

Although your personal and business reputation helps, they are unlikely enough to generate the amount of business you need to make it through the first few years. You would need to be a savvy marketer.

However, with the carefully targeted marketing strategy that includes a recognised brand name, logo, and signs, potential customers will instantly identify your business.

Franchise Vs. Independent

One way that investing in a franchise is a better option than developing an independent business from scratch is that they can demonstrate market sustainability. Therefore they are more likely to attract the necessary start-up collateral from banks and moneylenders.

Without evidence that their business has market potential, independent companies may find it difficult to obtain loans and sensible borrowing rates. This could potentially jeopardise their ability to generate enough revenue to cover expenses and ensure viability from the start.

Half of all independent businesses go bust within the first two years.

That's a considerable risk.

In comparison, 90% of all franchise businesses report profitability within the first two years of start-up.

UK and international banks favour franchises over independent businesses when it comes to lending.

Not everyone has an original idea for a start-up business: that absolutely shouldn't be a barrier to being your own boss.

What to Look for When Choosing a Courier and Delivery Franchise

In the process of deciding which courier and delivery franchise you want to invest in, you should compare the level and types of support each franchisor offers on an initial and continuing basis. An interested and involved parent company may provide the following services:

  • Name recognition
  • Business advice, ongoing mentorship, and support
  • Assistance choosing the new franchise's location and developing the site
  • Headquarters and field support
  • Management training
  • Employee manuals and operating manuals
  • Marketing approach and continuing brand name advertising
  • Quality control regarding expediency and delivery security
  • Research and development of new services

Although the franchisor has ownership of the name and overall company, your franchise is independently owned. As the franchisee, you would be responsible for all daily decisions that affect your business and employees. Therefore, whether your franchise sees a rapid increase in revenue, a steady level of success, or experience a loss is solely based on you and your managerial skills.


Almost 30% of all franchisees in the UK run more than one unit, suggesting that there’s plenty of scope for expansion once you’re up and running with your courier franchise business.

Excited? So are we.

There are many reasons why buying courier and delivery franchises are a good option. With the recognisable name and signage, as well as a ready-made business and marketing plan, you'll have the support you need to develop a quality service in a new location.

Check out our Courier franchise opportunities. Want to be your own boss? It's entirely possible. Take your first step towards a more fulfilling future with an existing, lucrative and popular business.

Buy a franchise today from Franchise Direct.

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