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Anything, anywhere: delivering business success and personal freedom

Are you looking to introduce flexibility to your life? Are you looking for a business that gives you great satisfaction? Do you want a franchise with longevity that offers great returns? PACK & SEND can give you all that… and much more!

PACK & SEND has a unique company profile, and position, within the multibillion-pound logistics industry. They specialise in packing and shipping large, fragile, valuable, or awkwardly shaped items that other courier suppliers and freight companies are typically not equipped to deal with.

Launched in Australia over 30 years ago, PACK & SEND gives its franchise partners the opportunity to build highly successful, profitable businesses. Their top performing centres generate annual turnover of almost £800,000 and experience high gross profit margins in excess of 65% and are seeing ongoing strong annual growth as their businesses win a constant stream of new customers on top of the ever-growing base of repeat customers.

The first UK PACK & SEND service centre opened in 2009 and the business has grown every year; they’ve worked closely with their franchise partners to hone their business and reach new heights of success.

Their pursuit of this growing niche market means a significant proportion of their business comes from referrals from other carriers who do not have the infrastructure to provide personalised packaging and freight solutions in the same way that PACK & SEND can.

Why Choose PACK & SEND?

Their expertise and reputation for packing large, valuable, and fragile items makes us the go-to service provider when shipping items such as antiques, artwork, musical instruments and electronic equipment. Depending on the client’s requirements, goods are sent via road, air, or sea freight to locations anywhere in the world.

Franchise partners operate from a network of retail service centres that are located in secondary high street locations, ensuring high visibility and convenience for customers without high rents.

The unique PACK & SEND customer proposition

The logistics market is highly competitive but the vast majority of operators offer the same old basic shipping services for pre-packed items with minimal customer service.

This is where PACK & SEND is different. They offer carefully planned packing and shipping solutions and take responsibility for making sure that customers’ goods arrive safely at their destination. In return, their customers appreciate the care and attention provided and recognise the value of their services rather than simply chasing the lowest price.

Their customer proposition stands head and shoulders above the competition due to three unique qualities:

  • They send “Anything. Anywhere.” As long as it’s physically possible (and legal!), we’ll find a way to get anything, anywhere in the world
  • NO LIMITS! Their ‘no limits’ approach means they will find solutions for almost anything that requires safe sending
  • Legendary Customer Service: They are committed to providing great solutions and managing the process from beginning to end, which results in loyal repeat customers

Your Investment:

The initial franchise fee is £29,500, you will also need to budget for your service centre fit-out and working capital. The total amount required to open a PACK & SEND store is normally in the region of £120,000 – 135,000 (including working capital of between £35,000 and £50,000) so they always advise new franchisees to have access to between £50,000 and £60,000 in readily available liquid capital, but, as up to 70% funding support can be available (subject to personal circumstances) through high-street banks, you may only need £30,000 in liquid funds to secure your PACK & SEND store.

The ongoing Franchise Management and Advertising Fees cover everything you need to get your business off the ground and keep it growing:

  • Marketing material such as flyers, brochures, banners and posters
  • Sales kits and management resources
  • PR resource
  • Digital and social media account management
  • National advertising campaigns, sponsorships and promotions.

What does a PACK & SEND franchise partner look like?

PACK & SEND franchise partners start as owner-operators of their own businesses, building a team to fulfil the needs of their customers by providing the very best solutions. Experience in the logistics sector is not required.

You will need to have great people skills and a passion for customer service.

Problem-solving, lateral thinking, organisational, time management, communication, numeracy, and computer skills are also necessary.

What will I receive from PACK & SEND?

In addition to access to all the benefits of the business model, the initial part of your PACK & SEND journey will involve a comprehensive training programme and ongoing support thereafter.

When you’re ready to launch, an expert will join you and your team in your PACK & SEND service centre for the first month. They won’t run the business for you but they’ll be on hand so you can get up to speed on maximising sales and customer satisfaction.

PACK & SEND also offers two guarantees to franchisees:

  • Year 1 brand lead guarantee – PACK & SEND guarantees a defined number of leads with the opportunity to secure long-term repeat customers
  • Year 1 marketing support guarantee – whatever you spend on marketing, PACK & SEND will match it (up to a maximum of £6,000).

How do I get started with my own PACK & SEND franchise?

PACK & SEND believe in making finding out about our business opportunity as quick and easy as possible.

After a brief telephone interview during which they will find out a bit about you and your motivation for becoming a PACK & SEND Franchise Partner, they will provide you with a comprehensive overview of their business model, which will help you decide if the PACK & SEND opportunity is right for you.

Ready to build a better future? Click the link below and a member of the PACK & SEND Retail Network Development team will contact you as soon as possible.

PACK & SEND Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by PACK & SEND to give you more information about the costs associated with a PACK & SEND opportunity
Financial Details
  • Franchise Fee: £29,500
  • Minimum Investment: £30,000
  • Liquid Capital: £36,000 - £41,000
  • Total Investment: £120,000 - £130,000 (including working capital of between £35,000 and £50,000)

PACK & SEND partners with art and antiques trade association

June 22, 2022
Logistics franchise, PACK & SEND, has signed a partnership with LAPADA, the largest professional trade association of art and antique dealers in the UK

PACK & SEND franchise network jets off for annual conference

May 30, 2022
PACK & SEND UK, the leading packing and shipping franchise, recently jetted their network off to Palma, Mallorca for their annual conference.

PACK & SEND launch new service centre in Camberley

May 30, 2022
Leading packing and shipping franchise PACK & SEND is delighted to welcome the Godwin family to their network, having recently launched their PACK & SEND service centre in Camberley, Surrey.

How PACK & SEND franchisees are reaping the benefits of the e-commerce boom

March 31, 2022
A growing trend over the past decade or more has been the rise of e-commerce – with online shopping sales booming enormously throughout the recent pandemic, with the trend set only to continue. In 2020, Global e-commerce sales rose by 27.6%.
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PACK & SEND | Franchisee Insights

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PACK & SEND Franchise Gallery
PACK & SEND Franchise Gallery
PACK & SEND Franchise Gallery
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