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Van Based Franchise Opportunities for Sale

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Join the fastest growing mobile coffee franchise in the UK. Ditch the 9-5 grind, work the hours you choose.
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Management franchise in the packaging and shipping sector available to entrepreneurs looking to get more out of working life.
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Join a successful franchising chain and become the master franchisee in your country!
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Dirt Coffee Co. is poised to become the most coveted coffee brand in the UK.
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Join Laser On Tour the worlds 1st mobile laser hair removal franchise. The most disruptive Franchise empowering women in the U.K. Earn £100k per year with no overheads, no staff, treating clients in the comfort of their own homes.
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The fastest growing mobile coffee franchise in the UK – beat the competition on the high street and take the coffee shop direct to your customers.
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Take your passion for pedalling and earn some proper money with a bike fitting franchise.
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Step into a lasting and successful locksmith franchise with the market leader. Possible earnings exceeding £75k per annum.
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Total Clean, a franchise built on 30 years of successful business operations.
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Are you interested in earning up to £100k a year finding water leaks the smart way? Look no further than the Leak Detective franchise
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Start a multi-van management business in a booming sector.
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Provide industry-leading, environmental services to help commercial customers reduce costs, reduce downtime and ensure compliance.
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Join a lawn treatment franchise, Greensleeves Lawn Treatment Experts! FULL training provided.
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Trends and Facts About Van Franchises

Do you love being out on the open road? Do you thrive in new environments? Do you enjoy helping people?

Van-based franchising could be the key to independence that you're looking for.


Franchising is a liberating opportunity, offering tremendous scope for personal satisfaction and financial reward. Benefit from the established reputations of profitable brands while negating the principal risks associated with starting an entirely new business.

The franchise industry is extremely popular in the UK, and the stats stack up to prove why.

Banks are more likely to lend to franchise businesses than to independent companies because the business model offered for franchise has a proven track record of success and a history of financial sustainability.

Adopting an established brand, therefore, is the savvy way to go into business on your own terms.

The UK Franchise Market

The UK franchise market is a £15 billion industry. And the sector is continually growing.

The number of franchises businesses increased by 20% in the UK between 2008 and 2013.

During that same period, the UK economy experienced a 2.5% contraction. Franchise businesses are prospering in uncertain times; the franchise model is a safer bet than starting from scratch for yourself.

Van-based franchises

If you feel stifled by the office environment and you do your best work when you’re on-the-road, a van-based franchise is for you.

Van-based franchises span a broad range of businesses, offering a degree of freedom and opportunity to develop new skills and meet new people that office-based jobs simply can't provide.

If you enjoy a customer-facing environment, meeting new people every day while solving problems that make your customer's lives easier, a van-based franchise is for you.

Van-based franchises account for 10% of all UK franchise opportunities. It's the popular choice for anyone who feels like they're stuck behind a desk.

Van-based franchise opportunities are available in the following trades:

  • Garage door installations
  • Commercial and domestic cleaning
  • Catering
  • Security installations
  • Home improvements and repairs
  • Pest prevention
  • Gardening, tree surgery, and lawn maintenance
  • Loft installation
  • Heating installation and maintenance
  • Signage
  • Car maintenance and roadside assistance
  • Day care/nursery care

And that’s not even scratching the surface.

Turn your passion into your living. Check out the extraordinary opportunities in our catalogue of businesses looking for franchise partners just like you.


The franchise economy has maintained a remarkable resistance to recent challenges faced by the UK's economic climate. Weathering the storm during some of the most difficult financial periods, franchising continues to enjoy sustained, record growth.

Well-run franchises are considered the most flexible and secure way of building your own business. And there’s plenty of opportunity for expansion and impressive financial reward.

Franchise vs Independent

Independent businesses often turn inspired ideas into profitable pursuits. But developing a business from scratch is fraught with risk and uncertainty. Unfortunately, 50% of all independents fold within the first two years.

However, 90% of franchise businesses report profitability within the first two years of trading. This is due to an existing business model that’s been proven to work - so the risks involved in investing your money in a franchise are considerably lower.

And, at the end of the day, not everyone has a viable, original idea for a new business. Don’t let that be a barrier to being your own boss.


Franchising an existing business, for many, provides scope for expansion. 29% of all franchisees in the UK run multiple units.

Ready? Explore our many van-based franchise opportunities. Today could be the start of your new life: freedom on the open road and escaping the shackles of being tied to the desk.

Buy a franchise today from Franchise Direct.

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