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Trends and Facts About Pest Control Franchises

The pest control industry has been on the rise over the past five years, with a new emerging trend of local authorities looking towards the option of outsourcing for their needs.

This has provided pest control franchises with an opportunity that hasn’t always been there and it has increased the overall demand for their services.

This, along with the household and business-to-business market which were already booming, means that this is an industry that offers several ways to generate revenue.

In fact, according to Allied Market Research, the European pest control market will reach a value of $6.2 Bn, by 2025. The reported cited the UK as one of the key contributors to the significant

According to IBISWorld, the upward trend in this industry is here to stay. They are predicting an annual increase of about eight percent for this industry.

This is in part due to higher standards expected from businesses and an increased awareness of the health risks associated with pests being in the home or workplace.

Thus, what may not be good news for another business, is good news for pest control franchises.

The Need For Pest Franchises

It is a service that will always be in demand, as pest control is a necessary function in society and ensures adequate health and hygiene standards are maintained in both homes and businesses.

Key factors that have contributed to the growth of this industry:

  • Budget cuts to local authorities have led to an increased use of private businesses within the public sector, replacing their former in-house pest control provision.
  • Stricter health and hygiene standards, due to legislation. This has led to an increase in both the proofing of businesses and the more reactive response of getting rid of pests that are already present.
  • There are simply more pests around than there used to be. Climate change has contributed to a change in the environment, which has changed the patterns typically associated with some pests.
  • There are simply quite a lot of pests around. For instance, bedbugs lay 350 eggs per year, in batches of 10-50, while flies deposit eggs in batches of 75-150, and rodents produce litters of anything from four to 16.
  • There is also an abundance of new pest species in the UK, creating new markets within this industry.
  • An increase in the use of second hand furniture has also contributed, with a pest problem in one home easily being transported to another.

Statistics about the pest control industry:

  • According to IBISWorld, the industry was worth around £572m in the UK in 2020
  • It employs over 8,000 people.
  • According to a survey by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA), Greater London has the most pest control operators per square kilometre and per one thousand people.

Trends in the Pest Control Industry:

  • There has been an uptake in controlling pests without the use of pesticides. Or when used, ensuring that these pesticides are more targeted.
  • Higher health and safety standards are being implemented, meaning businesses are required to implement quality pest control procedures.
  • Businesses that do not do this, leave themselves open to legal action. This has led to a greater uptake on proofing businesses of pests, rather than eradicating them.

Why franchising?

Brand recognition ensures that customers know that they are receiving a services that is of a certain standard. This is especially true in the pest control industry, where both businesses and households often go for name recognition, rather than independently owned proprietors.

Working with a franchise in the pest control industry also allows you to gain expertise in regards to the current best practice and often involves deals around equipment, training and you may even become part of a national database.

In general, businesses that operate under the banner of a franchise are joining an established network, who know how to deal with the problems within a given industry. It allows you to become your own boss, while at the same time, you can benefit from the expertise of others who have followed the same path you are now on.

Entrepreneurs who choose franchising also have a group that they can ask questions of and benefit from marketing that they may not be able to afford as a single entity. So, all in all, the franchising option gives businesses greater brand recognition, a system where they can benefit from experience and technology they would otherwise not have, and the knowledge that they are not on their own as a business owner.

Choosing A Pest Control Franchise

When choosing a pest control franchise, you should look carefully at what element of the business you would like to work in. Working in this area and doing the more hands-on tasks isn't for everyone, but there are franchises that can be ran from more of a management type position.

You should also look into what franchise fits your ideals and gives you the conditions you are looking for. Afterall, the reason many of us become entrepreneurs is because we want to work in a system that suits us.

Like with any business, you should do your own research before committing. However, franchising is certainly a route you should consider are there are many advantages and it can lead to a long and fruitful career.

For more information about any of the franchises listed above, simply click for more information and fill out your details.

If a pest control franchise isn't the option for you, then look through our varied A-Z and find something else that will help you make a killer profit!

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