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Top 100 Franchises in the UK

Franchise Direct has compiled a list of the Top 100 franchises in the United Kingdom. This ranking gives you more information about the best franchises in the UK. Franchise Direct established this list after researching the franchise brands present in the UK.
The 2023 Top 100
The 2022 Top 100
The 2021 Top 100
The 2020 Top 100
The 2019 Top 100

What makes the Top 100 stand out?

We have decided to simplify the ranking in 2023.

The brands that comprise the Top 100 Franchises stand out from hundreds of franchises with a presence in the UK. The franchises were ranked using the number of units in the UK and abroad.

Information was gathered from company submitted data, web resources and published industry sources.

The Top 100 Franchises thus serve as models for early-stage franchises looking to expand, as well as those companies considering the benefits of the franchise business model.

Please note that the Top 100 Franchises Ranking in the UK is not intended to endorse, advertise, or recommend any particular franchise system nor is it a definitive list. The ranking and accompanying materials are simply meant to offer an objective look at some of the top franchise operations in the United Kingdom.


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