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KFC Franchise

No. 6 of the UK's Top 100

Please note that KFC are currently not recruiting any new franchisees in the UK.

KFC has a small number of franchise partners who they have worked closely with since their inception in the UK in 1965. The franchisees vary in size and location but all partners have great ambition to grow their business and the KFC brand.

All franchisees are part of the KFC family and collaborate closely with KFC to develop all aspects of the brand to deliver the best "Finger Lickin' Chicken" to their customers. As a brand KFC is mainly franchised with 95% of the UK restaurants owned and operated by franchisees.

The brand is currently looking for 500 sites to establish their new restaurants. Formats vary from drive-thru, small box, restaurant and food court.

KFC has established a programme to reduce the restaurants' carbon footprint; some of the actions taken include zero waste to landfill and all packaging either recycled or produced from sustainable sources. KFC has signed the Better Chicken Commitment.

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