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The Ultimate Guide to Franchising – Everything You Need to Know to Start a Franchise

Each article below will get your foot on the ladder and help you start your own franchise business. Start with the basics of franchising and work your way through the franchise agreement, the business plan, the location of the franchise, and more. At the end you will find a glossary of the most common franchise terms for reference.
Do you know what 'franchising' actually is? Partnership, investment, business opportunities... find an up-to-date summary of franchising and see what it means for potential franchisees.
There are many advantages of franchise ownership. Read here to learn about being your own boss while using a tried-and-tested business model and recognised brand name. Running a successful business has never been easier!
Buying a franchise is a long, complex process, but this infographic simplifies everything you need to know about it. If you're ready to buy a franchise, be aware of every step along the way.
You should take the time to assess your individual skill set strengths and weaknesses before deciding to invest in a franchise or business opportunity. Use this on-line assessment to define your skill set strengths and weaknesses…
When assessing a potential franchisor you should follow the checklist provided in this article to clearly define the franchisor’s credibility. The Franchisor…
Read this article for key tips on choosing the right location for your business. Placing your business in the right spot will make ALL the difference to your profit.
You've done your research and are finally ready to sign a franchise agreement. But what is a franchise agreement? We cover all you need to know about this important document right here!
Starting a new business is an elaborate undertaking; a business plan can help you stay on top of the precise planning and preparation needed. Here are our top tips on crafting yours!
This section describes how to go about getting finance for your franchise from the bank.
A brief historical overview of the origins of franchising and how it developed as a business concept.
This glossary is a comprehensive, alphabetical list of all terms relevant to the franchising and business industry with detailed information given on each term within the glossary.

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