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We Need to Talk About Franchising. It’s a Game Changer

March 21, 2024| Franchise Articles
Lime Licensing Group MD, Richard Pakey, shares how franchising was a hame-changer for his career.

How to Start a Franchise Successfully

Exploring how franchises operate and what you’ll need to do to get will help you create a business plan that fits your goals. This guide can assist you in your pursuit of becoming a successful franchise owner.

The Benefits of Pay-Per-Lead Advertising

A look at the benefits of pay-per-lead advertising in the franchise sector.

How To Find Your Ideal Franchise in 3 Easy Steps

Richard Pakey of Lime Licensing Group gives his expert tips on finding your ideal franchise.

A Beginner's Guide to Running a Franchise

Whether you're drawn to the familiarity of well-known brands or the prospect of leveraging proven business models, this guide will help you further understand the diverse types of franchises available to exploring the business model's benefits and challenges.

Is Your Lead Strategy Correct? These Metrics Will Tell You

Want to know if your lead strategy is correct? These helpful metrics will give you an indication of what's working and what isn't.

Your Own Franchise In 2024

Franchising expert Richard Pakey looks at the potential of franchise ownership in 2024.

Why You Need to Do More Than Just Generate Leads: The Importance of Lead Nurturing

A look at why your business should have a well-defined lead nurturing plan in place.

Lead Nurturing 101 And Why Your Franchise Needs It

A breakdown of the lead nuturing prcoess for franchisors.

Can I Buy A Franchise Online?

June 02, 2023| Franchise Articles
Richard Pakey, franchising expert and MD at Lime Licensing Group discusses how you should present yourself as a potential franchise owner.

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