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Funding the Franchise Business


Franchise Fees

As a franchisee, you are expected to pay an upfront fee or joining fee as well as on-going fees or royalties to the franchisor. For a full summary of the fees you will be expected to pay as a franchisee, click on the link provided.

HSBC: Financing a Franchise

In this month's guest article, HSBC UK discuss everything you need to know about financing a franchise. Securing a loan from a financial institution is easier than you think!

Other Sources of Franchise Funding

by Franchise Direct| January 11, 2018| Franchise Advice, Funding the Franchise Business, Franchise Articles
This article examines some of the ways you can secure funding for your franchise business – without the assistance of a bank!

Costs involved in buying a franchise

A breakdown of the different costs involved in buying a franchise.

Getting Franchise Finance from a Bank

This section describes how to go about getting finance for your franchise from the bank.

What you need to seek finance

A guide to the documents and resources you need in order to seek finance for your franchise

Financing a Franchise

Mark Scott, Director of Franchise Development at NatWest, speaks to us about financing a franchise, how to get a loan, the importance of your business plan and what to bring with you to the bank.

The Franchisee & Franchisor

This article lists the key financial fees both a franchisee and franchisor will have to consider before investing in a franchise opportunity (franchisee) or deciding to franchise a business (franchisor).

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