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Guide To Buying A Franchise


A Beginner's Guide to Running a Franchise

Whether you're drawn to the familiarity of well-known brands or the prospect of leveraging proven business models, this guide will help you further understand the diverse types of franchises available to exploring the business model's benefits and challenges.

What is Franchising? Definition and Meaning

by Franchise Direct| January 22, 2020| Guide To Buying A Franchise, Franchise Advice, Franchise Articles
Do you know what 'franchising' actually is? Partnership, investment, business opportunities... find an up-to-date summary of franchising and see what it means for potential franchisees.

Franchise Success – First Know Yourself!

by Franchise Direct| January 08, 2020| Guide To Buying A Franchise, Franchise Articles
When choosing to invest in a franchise or business opportunity, you must first assess your personal and professional skills and decide which are your strongest and weakest. Knowing yourself will be key to determining your success as a franchisee!

Which Franchise Industry Would Suit Me?

by Franchise Direct| December 05, 2019| Guide To Buying A Franchise, Franchise Industry, Franchise Articles
So you want to be your own boss, and you've decided that franchising is the way you’re going to do it. Excellent choice. The question to address now is: which industry would suit you best? Have a go at answering this questionnaire, which may just help to push you in the right direction.

Writing Your Business Plan

Starting a new business is an elaborate undertaking; a business plan can help you stay on top of the precise planning and preparation needed. Here are our top tips on crafting yours!

11 Key Steps for Opening A Franchise

by Franchise Direct| November 13, 2019| Guide To Buying A Franchise, Franchise Advice, Franchise Articles
Buying a franchise is a long, complex process, but this infographic simplifies everything you need to know about it. If you're ready to buy a franchise, be aware of every step along the way.

Glossary of Franchise Terms

by Franchise Direct| October 14, 2019| Franchise Advice, Guide To Buying A Franchise, Franchise Articles
This glossary is a comprehensive, alphabetical list of all terms relevant to the franchising and business industry with detailed information given on each term within the glossary.

Is It Time to Be Your Own Boss?

Paul Mitchell, Managing Director of Accentia Franchise Consultants, outlines the benefits of becoming a franchisee in this month's guest article. Have a read of his fantastic piece right here!

The History of Franchising

A brief historical overview of the origins of franchising and how it developed as a business concept.

What is the Best Franchise to Buy?

Richard Pakey, Regional Director at Lime Licensing Group, writes about which franchise is best to buy in this month's guest article.

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