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Developing the Franchise

View these nine central points you must consider and incorporate in your franchise package. Use this list as a reference guide when you are developing your franchise business system.

Becoming a Franchise

The first issue a new franchisor must address before franchising its business, is to consider the following four key elements- longevity and potential of products/and or services; unique brand and business identity; model is easy to operate and capable management systems established- to make the franchise system work to the best of its ability.

Procedure for Selecting Franchisees

View the following list of relevant questions and the procedure in which you should ask these questions to assess potential franchisees abilities and skills and if they are suitable representatives of your franchise operation.

Tips for Growing Your Franchise Business

by Franchise Direct| January 07, 2021| The Franchisee's Perspective, Franchise Advice, Franchise Articles
Read this article to find out more about growing your franchise and taking your career as a franchisee to the next level!

Franchise Fees

As a franchisee, you are expected to pay an upfront fee or joining fee as well as on-going fees or royalties to the franchisor. For a full summary of the fees you will be expected to pay as a franchisee, click on the link provided.

The Consulting Franchise Industry

Franchise Direct speaks to Paul Lewis, UK Country Director at Expense Reduction Analysts, about the consulting franchise industry. He gives key insights into becoming an Expense Reduction Analyst, the training that is provided and the potential of the business.

What is Franchising? Definition and Meaning

by Franchise Direct| January 22, 2020| Guide To Buying A Franchise, Franchise Advice, Franchise Articles
Do you know what 'franchising' actually is? Partnership, investment, business opportunities... find an up-to-date summary of franchising and see what it means for potential franchisees.

Writing Your Business Plan

Starting a new business is an elaborate undertaking; a business plan can help you stay on top of the precise planning and preparation needed. Here are our top tips on crafting yours!

11 Key Steps for Opening A Franchise

by Franchise Direct| November 13, 2019| Guide To Buying A Franchise, Franchise Advice, Franchise Articles
Buying a franchise is a long, complex process, but this infographic simplifies everything you need to know about it. If you're ready to buy a franchise, be aware of every step along the way.

Glossary of Franchise Terms

by Franchise Direct| October 14, 2019| Franchise Advice, Guide To Buying A Franchise, Franchise Articles
This glossary is a comprehensive, alphabetical list of all terms relevant to the franchising and business industry with detailed information given on each term within the glossary.

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