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The Franchisee's Perspective


Tips for Growing Your Franchise Business

by Franchise Direct| January 07, 2021| The Franchisee's Perspective, Franchise Advice, Franchise Articles
Read this article to find out more about growing your franchise and taking your career as a franchisee to the next level!

Writing Your Business Plan

Starting a new business is an elaborate undertaking; a business plan can help you stay on top of the precise planning and preparation needed. Here are our top tips on crafting yours!

Different Types of Work-From-Home Franchises

We look at some popular home-based franchises to help you decide which is the best choice for you.

All About Franchise Validation

How do you know if a franchise opportunity is worth pursuing? Franchise validation is a key step for any prospective franchisee to complete. Learn more about this process in this week's article!

Analysing the Franchise Agreement

You've done your research and are finally ready to sign a franchise agreement. But what is a franchise agreement? We cover all you need to know about this important document right here!

Marketing a Franchise

by Franchise Direct| March 19, 2018| The Franchisee's Perspective, Franchise Articles
View these key points in relation to the marketing of your franchise or business opportunity. Either your franchisor or you will help promote the business on a local or national level using effective advertising and PR campaigns. However, for first-time franchisees, generally the franchisor will create and allocate marketing campaigns on behalf of the franchisees.

2016 UK Franchising Survey

by Lorraine Courtney| March 10, 2016| The Franchisee's Perspective, Franchise Articles
Our 2016 survey provides powerful insights into who franchisees are and what they really care about.

Top Tips for First Time Franchisees

We speak to a range of experts about the advice that they would give to first-time franchisees.

Choosing A Franchise - Flowchart

Need help choosing the franchise of your dreams? Well give our 'choosing a franchise' flowchart a spin and see what you get!

Successful Franchise

For many franchisees the successful nature of their business depends on how the manage to plan for the future with the implementation of strategic business and financial plans. In order for the franchise business to be successful, it is important to concentrate on the daily activities of the business. Keep in mind the following points when you decide to invest in a franchise or business opportunity to ensure its long term success.

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