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This is your opportunity to join BFT, Australia’s fastest growing and most advanced fitness franchise, providing results focused and time efficient workout programs.
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A franchise fit for the future
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Invest in My Fit Pod today and be part of revolutionising the fitness industry while securing impressive returns and ongoing support for your success.
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fit+ is a passive-income generating gym business, that is incredibly easy to manage, operate and scale.
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Run your own massage company, bringing affordable massage services to the high street.
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Kayakomat is revolutionising the way people enjoy water activities around the world
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Join SportsCool a Recession Resistant Franchise Thriving in the Education Sector
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Help transform your community’s health in 25 minutes with a proven high profit franchise.
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Join the most comprehensive stage school franchise today.
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A Unique Multi Award Winning Kids Activity Franchise
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Own the world’s fastest growing boxing and strength franchise. Over 100+ locations across 7 countries.
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If you have a love of sport and football and have always dreamed of running your own business, a BabyBallers Franchise is the perfect solution.
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Trends and Facts About Fitness Franchises

We’ve had an unusual start to the 2020s. And after a couple of years at home, many UK citizens are venturing back into gyms and fitness clubs, desperate to lose the flab they’ve accumulated over the past two years of sitting on the sofa.

And while there's a genuine drive to lose inches around the waist to promote better general health, one of the most striking new trends for fitness franchises is the growing popularity of wellbeing sessions. These include meditation, yoga, pilates, and relaxation classes.

So, while we associate fitness classes and gym franchises with high-impact cardio and machine workouts, fitness isn’t JUST about running in a circle till you sweat your own body weight.

There are currently over 7000 health and fitness clubs in the UK, with more than 10 million members. In fact, the UK is just behind Germany as the country with the most fitness club members in Europe.

Around half of the UK's fitness clubs are solely fitness facilities, offering classes, swimming pools, and exercise equipment. These generate an annual turnover of around £2bn each year. The other half provides spa- and complementary treatments, such as massages, shiatsu, and health and beauty services.

The UK health club industry brings in around £5bn a year, employing approximately 191,000 people (of which 69,000 are fitness instructors).

So, if you're looking for a healthy way to transform your work life, look no further than Franchise Direct's fantastic choice of brilliant fitness franchises.


Many people consider franchising the common-sense means of going into business for yourself. We might dream of being business owners, but it can be challenging to cut through the big players in a marketplace as saturated as the health and fitness sector.

Franchising permits access to a slice of that very competitive pie, allowing franchisees to benefit from the excellent reputation of an established fitness franchise. Independent gyms tend to offer specialist services to a small customer base, while fitness franchises provide access to a much larger demographic.

When you invest in a franchise, you inherit the immediately recognisable branding of an established brand that your future customers already know and - most importantly - trust. You get the buying power of a large organisation, giving you access to an established supply chain, which can be worth its weight in gold when it comes to stocking your gym with cutting edge equipment and profitable complementary products.

And fitness franchises don't just walk away once you've invested - they help train you and your staff to provide a top-class service they know will help grow your business. The parent company is with you every step of the way, helping you develop your customer base through the superb training opportunities and the additional HR support that many fitness franchises supply.

However, starting an independent fitness business from scratch - whether it's a gym or as a wellbeing instructor - is an uphill climb. The local marketplace is often saturated with competition that can offer state-of-the-art equipment, services, and facilities. So, starting from scratch without the support of an established partner can be a tough slog.

Franchise Direct supplies access to a fantastic choice of reputable fitness franchises that offer:

  • An established reputation and branding that offers instant curb appeal
  • Access to an operational supply chain
  • Ongoing business training and support
  • HR support

Franchising vs. Independent

Banks and moneylenders often favour the franchise model when assessing the risk of a startup loan.

Of course, all new businesses require startup collateral, but franchises are uniquely placed to demonstrate market viability. On the other hand, indies often struggle to achieve funding because they have no evidence of the market viability of their business idea.

Fitness franchises benefit from the parent company's history, demonstrating that the business model is born of proven metrics: profitability, sustainability, and the ability to grow.

Unfortunately, almost 50% of all independent fitness businesses go bust within their first five years of operation as they fail to establish themselves amongst their competition. Whereas fitness franchises hit the ground running because they can rely on their parent company's branding, reputation, and supply chain.

Facts About Fitness Franchises

Fitness franchises offer enormous possibilities for existing fitness practitioners and for those who wish to retrain. Whether you're looking to set up a walking group, a park exercise regime, a children's sports club, an online school, or a large-scale gym facility, there's a fitness franchise that can help.

The top five trends in fitness franchises are:

  • On-demand fitness - digital fitness clubs offer anything from cycling motivation to home-based yoga and meditation classes. Providing pre-recorded and live sessions that participants can select from a library of online services, digital sessions are usually enjoyed in the comfort of home.
  • In-depth and real-time body analysis - using wearables to glean quantifiable data from a participant's workout regime. Analysis helps participants recognise and realise their goals. Fitness facilities also offer a range of guided analysis programmes that help tailor a fitness regime to the individual.
  • Functional fitness - these are sessions that provide holistic programmes rather than isolation techniques, including medicine ball workouts, bodyweight training, kettlebells, and conditioning ropes. Generally cardio-based, these sessions are perfect for people who want relatively rapid results.
  • Relaxation - many fitness facilities are shifting their focus from the traditional weight training and workout programmes to relaxation-based programmes, helping participants cope with and handle their stress.
  • Boutique studios - while the big universal gyms offer everything, demand for boutique studios that offer specialist programmes has massively increased. And while these gyms are necessarily smaller affairs, they often charge up to 4x the membership fees of the larger gyms. People are happy to pay for exclusivity!

As more and more people become aware of the dangers of obesity and related illnesses, there’s a growing demand for fitness and health franchises that cater directly to people’s needs.

As such, many fitness franchises have changed their business model, offering 24-hour opening times or short 30-minute workouts to fit into lunch hours. All of this demand is driving rapid growth in the fitness franchise sector.

Like other sectors, the fitness franchise has a variety of options that can suit potential investors such as gym franchises, yoga franchises, sports franchises and child & adult franchises.

Gym Franchises UK

If you're a health fanatic considering the idea of starting your own business, investing in a fitness franchise opportunity could be lucrative. Over 15% of people in the UK belong to gyms, which means 105 million people are focusing on their health and wellness. Room for expansion is always available in the fitness sector — especially in January when gyms frequently experience a number of new sign-ups. Taking advantage of a franchising opportunity gives you the autonomy of having your own business while enjoying the support of a network of other franchisees.

Owning a gym franchise in the UK can be rewarding, as you get to see people change their lifestyle for the better. Also, investing in a gym franchise is good for your own physical and mental health because of the product you're selling.

Why Should You Consider a Gym Franchise in the UK

The fitness sector is a growing industry and currently enjoys a turnover of over £2 billion annually. When setting up a franchise, it's important to consider your location. A gym franchise business set up close to other gyms may not bring in an abundance of customers. Below are a few reasons to consider a gym franchise in the UK:

  • The head office has already established the tone, branding, and style for you.
  • The health industry is a positive and rewarding industry that significantly impacts people's well-being.
  • You don't have to build brand trust and chase for memberships — when people move to different towns, they're likely to stick to their same gym brand.
  • You're buying into an already-established business.
  • Franchisees usually have access to gym equipment at cost.
  • If you're stuck and need advice, you have access to an entire franchise network willing to offer guidance and support.
  • You don't have the stress of starting a business from scratch.
  • You can enjoy a stress-free setup procedure. Guidelines, terms, and rules are all stipulated by the head office, saving you from having to do paperwork.

How Much Does a Gym Franchise Cost in the UK?

The cost of a gym franchise in the UK depends on the size and stature of the gym, the type of equipment that's included, and the brand of the gym. The more recognizable the brand, the more start-up money is needed. The initial franchise fee ranges from £5,000 to £230,000. The average outlay ranges from £20,000 to £75,000.

Another thing to consider is your monthly royalty fees, which cover the trading rights to conduct business under the brand. Again, this varies in cost. You may also have to pay fees for such things as marketing and site visits. All this information is stipulated upfront when you invest.

Gym and Fitness Franchises

You can also check out many exciting fitness and gym franchises here on Franchise Direct.

If you have a strong enthusiasm for fitness and take pleasure in inspiring others to exercise, then initiating your own gym franchise could be the ultimate business endeavor for you. This opportunity will not only provide you with the autonomy to run your own business, but it will also allow you to pursue your passion while aiding others in accomplishing their fitness aspirations. Allow us to help you get started on this thrilling journey.

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