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Trends and Facts About Yoga Franchises

Yoga is a holistic practice that engages body, mind, and breath with physical poses, conscious breath and breathing patterns, and a philosophy based on Hinduism.

Yoga was introduced to the UK relatively recently. In fact, very few people had heard of this exotic practice before the 1960s, where gurus such as BKS Iyengar travelled from India to share the way with a small number of British enthusiasts.

In India, yoga was historically practised by men, although over the years, this has shifted to a more equal demographic. In the UK, however, over 82% of regular yoga practitioners are female.

Yoga is a practice for all - men and women alike - bringing flexibility, a reduction in stress and anxiety, and an energised sense of well-being that you don't get from sports and other keep-fit trends.

Yoga's roots are in ancient, Indian traditions, providing insight into the human condition as well as strength, vitality, and togetherness.

Training to become a yoga teacher takes time - but with dedication and focus, yoga offers a rewarding and genuinely gratifying existence. Yoga franchises provide the infrastructure one needs to scale up a profitable business.


Franchising is an opportunity to benefit from the established reputation of businesses who have already proven profitable. From the get-go, gym franchises have proved to be immensely popular and have paved the way for other fitness franchises to emerge on the market. Whether you’re looking to start up a studio or work independently under the banner of an established brand, a yoga franchise can help you connect with an existing client base.

Your yoga franchise will help you keep your professional practice up-to-date with training and support to help you deliver the most current approaches. Additionally, yoga franchise parent companies will assist with your marketing and online presence to help you become the go-to provider in your local area.

One of the most attractive aspects of franchising is the branding that adds curb appeal to your premises. Recognisable branding helps you stand out from the competition with a logo that your future clients already know and trust.

Facts About Yoga Franchises

What started as a fringe activity with minimal followers has developed into a worldwide phenomenon and an established part of the UK's health and fitness industry; worth £4.7 billion each year.

The Coronavirus lockdown led to a massive upsurge in the interest of yoga because it's one of the most easily adapted practices for online video learning.

Sports accessories chain, Decathlon, surveyed exercise habits during lockdown, and they discovered that nearly half of British adults had exercised more than they had before; with over half of them planning to continue after lockdown. The most popular forms of exercise adopted by the UK public was yoga, cycling, and running.

So yoga franchises are set to benefit from this renewed interest in the practice, offering a range of approaches suitable to a range of bodies and abilities.

Yoga is a recognised stress-busting activity. Although the practice has been historically viewed with suspicion by the medical profession, these days, more and more doctors are prescribing yoga as a way of combatting anxiety, depression, and the symptoms of stress.

Franchising Vs Independent

Franchise businesses are at a head-start when it comes to attracting start-up collateral from banks and moneylenders because they’re built on robust foundations and a proven business model.

Independent companies, on the other hand, are more risky propositions in terms of lending because they have to develop a reputation from scratch; making their first years of practice a slow build. In contrast, a yoga franchisee adopts the reputation of their parent company, helping them hit the ground running with their new business.

Independent practitioners often struggle in the early years while they develop a following and a reputation for customer care and skill, and while they build up their experience. Franchisees have the benefit of a support infrastructure from the parent company; fast-tracking them towards higher levels of skill and experience.

Yoga Franchises

Explore our range of excellent yoga franchises, and help people cope with their stress while developing a sense of infinite well-being.

Find your brand new start with Franchise Direct.

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