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This is your opportunity to join BFT, Australia’s fastest growing and most advanced fitness franchise, providing results focused and time efficient workout programs.
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A franchise fit for the future
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Invest in My Fit Pod today and be part of revolutionising the fitness industry while securing impressive returns and ongoing support for your success.
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fit+ is a passive-income generating gym business, that is incredibly easy to manage, operate and scale.
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Help transform your community’s health in 25 minutes with a proven high profit franchise.
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Own the world’s fastest growing boxing and strength franchise. Over 100+ locations across 7 countries.
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Possibly the only future-proof fitness franchise with inherent social distancing. Become a fit20 franchisee and change lives, including yours…
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Own a gym and partner with the No.1 Global Franchise 2015.
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Establish your own cutting-edge Bodystreet fitness franchise today!
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Open Your Own Fitness Franchise Studio & Let Us Get You 60-80 Paid Up Members Before You Even Start!
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Understanding Trends and Facts About Gym Franchises

Do you love helping others to focus on their health, well-being and longevity? Perhaps you’re a fitness instructor and want to take more control over your working life? Or maybe you want to help make your local community a healthier place?

Whatever your motivation, our list of gym franchises is sure to partner you with an infrastructure that will help you deliver your goal along with the security of a recognisable brand.

Gym technology is continually evolving, as is the list of new ways that your clients can develop their fitness and nurture their well-being.

Offer everything from Boot Camp to Park Runs and Breath Control to Yoga - gym franchises offer familiarity to the customer but freedom for you.

If your aim is for every day to feel like a day at the gym, gym franchises will offer you a flexible and enjoyable career; helping people to transform their lives for the better.

Check out our gym franchises. Let’s get physical.

Franchising Explained

To determine whether buying a gym franchise is right for you, you should have a good understanding of the rights and responsibilities of owning one. Basically, franchises combine the best characteristics of beginning a corporation and being a sole trader.

A franchisor establishes a trade name and develops a business system. They then sell the right to use the name and system to franchisees who typically pay a one-time initial sum and then continuing royalties to use the trade name and methods of operation.

The franchisor’s most valuable asset is the reputation of its brand. Customers or clients determine which business they choose to patron based on their thoughts, feelings, and experience with the brand. This reputation increases brand recognition for the fledgling franchise.

What to Look for When Franchising

When you are considering a gym franchise system, one of the aspects you want to assess is what types of initial and continuing support the franchisor will provide. Some of the most common services offered are:

  • A recognised brand name and brand standards
  • Assistance selecting and developing the franchise site
  • Business advisory support
  • Headquarters and support in the field
  • Initial and continuing marketing strategy and advertising
  • Management training for you and your team, including operating manuals
  • Quality control by the franchisor
  • Research and development of new procedures, products, and services

The franchise is an independently-owned business. So the franchisee is solely responsible for day-to-day management decisions. Ultimately, whether the gym franchise is successful or sees a loss is based on the owner's capabilities.

Franchising FAQs

Franchising offers a safer gateway to self-employment, with additional support from businesses with a proven and secure financial history.

Associate yourself with trusted brands and gain an existing client-base ready to sign-up for a life-changing challenge.

The franchise industry has been perpetually growing in the UK over the past couple of decades. When times are tough, franchises usually weather the storm with greater tenacity; prospering where an independent company might struggle to stay afloat.

Franchising minimises the risks associated with start-ups. Take on a fitness franchise today, and inherit a trusted brand identity and a hard-earned reputation.

Gym franchises Explained

Opening and owning any business from scratch is risky, and opening a new gym is no different. In fact, within three years, about six in ten new businesses will fail.

Setting up a business takes a feasible plan, time, commitment, hard work, and money.

If you are doing it on your own, you need to be adept in all aspects of the gym, including marketing and business management. Hiring other, perhaps more qualified, people to handle these tasks is an added expense.

Your personal and business reputation, as well as word-of-mouth promotions of satisfied clients, helps, but it is unlikely enough to generate a lot of business.

You want the recognised brand name, logo and signs, and carefully targeted marketing strategy that a gym franchisor provides.

Gym franchises FAQs

There’s a wide range of recognisable gym franchises in the UK, each offering a specific niche, in a similar manner as yoga franchises.

Some gyms focus on fitness machine-based exercises with top-of-the-range tech that offers flexibility and support. In contrast, others concentrate on more holistic lifestyles, offering classes and equipment to help boost well-being.

Gyms offer a wide range of income streams, from memberships and individual classes to healthy eating concessions and brand-connected merchandise.

Gain flexibility and independence in the way you run your new business, with support from established brands, offering a client model to suit any interest; whether it be aerobic, restorative, therapeutic, or holistic.

Franchising Vs Independent Businesses

Independent businesses frequently find themselves in financial risk. In fact, the initial two years of trading are particularly treacherous - loaded with economic instability that threatens the longevity of the company.

Unfortunately, more than 50% of independent start-ups fail within two years in the UK, making new businesses a distinct financial risk for lenders.

However, franchising provides stability for a new business that can endure the struggles of independent companies. Banks and lenders are more likely to provide financial backing to franchise businesses because the core of the operation is rooted in an established, proven economic model.

If you’re looking to get started in the wellness field, you could do no better than adopting recognisable branding; inheriting a reputation for reliability that’s worth its weight in gold.

Trends related to gym franchises

  • Gyms offer a sense of community. Forbes claims that the social aspect of training is one of the top motivators for those who go to gyms
  • There has been a move towards home fitness over the past couple of years - with brands such as Glo and Peloton leading the way. Incorporate home and online support in addition to in-house activities for a cost-effective way to offer niche activities in smaller gyms.
  • Integrating your gym offering with popular app-technology is a great way to motivate your members and keep them on track and coming back. Apps gamify fitness activities, making them an excellent means for gauging individual and group development in their exercise regimes.
  • Coaching and personal training are particularly profitable for gyms, offering members valuable one-to-one support and guidance to help them reach their fitness goals.

Gym Franchises

There are many reasons purchasing a gym franchise may be a good option for you.

Browse our fabulous gym franchise opportunities today and make a head-start in your dream for self-employment.

Find your new start with Franchise Direct.

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