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A profitable business that “doesn’t really feel like work”

Introducing Really Awesome Coffee

Really Awesome Coffee serve gourmet coffee, hot drinks and food to people at workplaces and events nationwide. Since the first mobile café launched in Coventry in 2010, we have gone from strength to strength to become the largest mobile café network in the UK.

The Concept – it’s simple; take advantage of the huge demand in the ever expanding UK coffee market but avoid competition on the high street by taking the "coffee shop" directly to customers in our unique mobile café vans.

What's Involved in Running a Mobile Cafe?

The business is built around a daily coffee round that we help you establish, with the mobile café visiting local businesses at agreed times each day to serve a full range of gourmet coffees, frappes & smoothies as well as hot and chilled food options – everything you would expect in a top quality high street café. There is usually a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere at the van, with your day being made up of other people’s breaks! Over time, it feels more like driving around making coffee for your mates than it feels like "work".

A large portion of franchise partners also make significant additional income from optional weekend ‘events’ work.

What Makes Us Unique?

At Really Awesome Coffee we pride ourselves in the level of training and ongoing support we provide our franchisees, and we also like to be at the forefront of the industry in terms of technological developments and advances.

There are lots of things that we believe make our business a unique prospect – here are a few:

The Mobile Café – developed and built by us, our coffee vans are uniquely capable, efficient, and environmentally friendly. We are very proud of the vans and provide a full tour on our Virtual Discovery Presentations.

The Really Awesome App – we like to make it as easy as possible for our customers to buy from us. Our bespoke app alerts customers when our franchisees’ vans are on their way and also allows them to pre-order their drinks so that they can avoid the queue.

RAPoS – our bespoke electronic-point-of-sale till system. As well as performing standard functions and linking with the customer app, it also syncs with online coffee route maps and generates a suite of detailed ‘coffee-stop specific’ reports that are vital in tracking performance and ensuring that optimal business development advice is provided.

Training & Support

We like our franchise partners to be able to concentrate on the most important things – providing great service and building lasting relationships with their customers.

As franchisors it’s therefore our job to make the day-to-day operation of your business as simple and easy as possible. This starts with providing structured, comprehensive training, and continues with regular in-territory support from your Franchise Development Manager and remote support from our head office team.

Full details on our training and business launch program can be found on our website; however, here’s a quick breakdown for you:

Step 1: After an initial training day we carry out detailed business launch preparations with you.

Step 2: You spend 2 weeks with us at our training centre in Coalville.

Step 3: We spend 2 weeks with you in your territory to launch your business.

Step 4: We review your trading data and your Franchise Development Manager visits you regularly to maintain momentum and keep your business growing.

Investment & Returns

With our longstanding finance partners, the required initial investment is just £9,000. However, some franchise partners invest more up-front to reduce monthly finance repayments over the first few years.

With turnovers exceeding £100,000p.a. and an average combined gross profit margin of over 60% (combined gourmet drinks & food sales), there is plenty of profit to be made for those willing to put in the work and commit to the tried-and-tested system.

Who Makes A Great Really Awesome Coffee Franchisee?

A lot of our franchise partners cite the fact that although they work hard, it “doesn’t really feel like work”.

The honest answer to this question is it’s simply someone who will enjoy the social aspect of the role and who, with our assistance, is prepared to put in the short term hard work that is needed to grow any business.

If you think that you might enjoy running your own mobile café then I’d love to invite you to attend one of our online Virtual Discovery Presentations. Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and please feel free to request some more information or visit our website to find out more.
Really Awesome Coffee News

Help us celebrate 100 coffee vans!

As we approach 80 franchise partners within our network, we were recently excited to see van number 100 leaving our head office in Coventry!

Really Awesome Coffee Dunstable - A family business

Paul - Really Awesome Coffee Dunstable has been with the network for almost five years and up until last year he was quite happy with his one van which he ran in and around Dunstable.

Really Awesome Coffee Harrogate - David Wright

Before joining Really Awesome Coffee, David was a sales director for a cleaning company and has been in sales for virtually his whole working life.

From Employee to Franchise Partner

Ella, who recently took over the Coventry South territory, has been part of Really Awesome Coffee for a number of years working at the Head Office in Coventry. We recently caught up with her and she was delighted to share her journey with us.

Really Awesome Coffee Corby - A year on

We caught up with Tessa - Really Awesome Coffee Corby - to find out how she has navigated the last 12 months having only launched her business a week before the first national lockdown. Here’s what she had to say:

Best Technology and Innovation – VFA 2021

We’re excited and honoured to have been awarded the ‘Best Technology and Innovation’ Silver Award at the Virtual Franchising Awards 2021.

2020 and beyond - a great start to 2021

2020 was a strange year for most businesses. The pandemic pushed many businesses to reevaluate their business models, marketing and sales strategies.
Really Awesome Coffee Success Stories

Sean Harper: Really Awesome Coffee | Franchisee Found via Franchise Direct Reflects on His Success

December 08, 2023
A Q&A with Sean Harper, Really Awesome Coffee Northampton West Franchisee.

Meet Sally Byrne: A Franchise Success Story with Really Awesome Coffee, Sourced Through Franchise Direct

December 07, 2023
A Q&A with Sally Byrne, one of Really Awesome Coffee's latest franchise recruits.

Really Awesome Coffee Bridgwater - Chris Kamin

November 08, 2022
On his third attempt, Chris finally retired from his role of 30 years as a head teacher. “This was made easier with the lure of a shiny new toy - a Really Awesome Coffee Mobile Cafe!” he said.

Really Awesome Coffee Sutton Coldfield - Kelsey Judge-Porter

September 22, 2022
Kelsey says ‘My favourite part about the business is just being in complete control of my own life. Working on weekends because I want to and because it pays off, and taking time off when I need it.’

Really Awesome Coffee Belfast East - Adam Wilkinson

July 04, 2022
After a long and successful career as a Business Development Manager(BDM), Adam thought it was the right time to start his own business.

Really Awesome Coffee Hinckley - Rob Earl

April 25, 2022
Prior to joining the network, Rob had been retired for 2 years but felt like he wanted to do something else. He had been looking at coffee shops or a permanent pitch for a mobile café with his wife, Mandy, but when he discovered Really Awesome Coffee everything appeared to fall into place and subsequent discussions convinced them it was meant to be!

Really Awesome Coffee Nottingham South - David Barnes

December 20, 2021
Previously, David ran a successful dog grooming business alongside his wife. Whilst his wife still runs the business. He decided it was time for a change and took the leap to join the Really Awesome Coffee network.

Really Awesome Coffee Harrogate - David Wright

December 03, 2021
Before joining Really Awesome Coffee, David was a sales director for a cleaning company and has been in sales for virtually his whole working life.

Really Awesome Coffee Newark - Ashley Wells

November 22, 2021
Ashley launched his Really Awesome Coffee van in Newark in April 2021. After working in retail management for most of his working life, Ashley knew it was time for a change.

Really Awesome Coffee Anglesey - Martin Owen

September 08, 2021
After working in management for 25 years at the same hotel, Martin felt the time had come to move on and do something for himself. He joined the network in February 2021.
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Really Awesome Coffee Image
Really Awesome Coffee UK
Really Awesome Coffee UK
Really Awesome Coffee Gallery
Really Awesome Coffee Gallery
Really Awesome Coffee Gallery
Really Awesome Coffee Gallery
Available Locations:
Franchise Opportunities available throughout the United Kingdom
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Minimum Investment:
Under £10,000
Financing Assistance
3rd Party
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