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Invest in the company where your money takes CENTRE STAGE! Join the most comprehensive stage school franchise today.

About Us

Since 2005 we have offered affordable stage school training to children and young people aged 3 - 18 years. Our company was created by teachers and actors and has a strong emphasis on education through performing arts. The CEO was trained as both an actor and teacher: she adored seeing how children learn through performing arts, and decided to offer quality training at affordable prices.

Our aim is to build on our current and past success and make Footlights the leading stage school in the UK and beyond. We now boast a head office in Media City with our own studio theatre, training room and facilities. We are much more than any other stage school franchise, we are a family, — once you meet the Managing Director and team you will see why. We have been established for 19 years and are now a multi-award-winning company and have many prestigious recommendations from MP’s, teachers and even the Mayor!

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The Franchise Opportunity

Our vision is to expand and grow our successful stage schools, reaching new heights of excellence and impact. We aim to establish a national presence, becoming a renowned name in the performing arts industry. Through strategic partnerships and innovative programs, we will broaden our reach and provide exceptional opportunities for talented individuals across the country.

Our expansion will be fuelled by a commitment to quality, integrity, and the belief that every aspiring performer deserves access to exceptional training and guidance.

Together, we will shape the future of the performing arts landscape.

Training and Support

Training and Education is at the heart of what we do, so who better to train you to run your own successful franchise?

We offer a low start-up fee so that the young, determined leaders can enter the world of business and join the growing excitement in franchising.

We have fortnightly power hours, an annual conference and awards ceremony as well as termly workshops that you can attend, a helpful WhatsApp group so you can talk to real life franchisees within our company who can support and motivate you. We had a group turnover of just over one million pounds in 2023!

Our franchisee outlets are absolutely jammed packed with waiting lists in some areas, so why not take the chance with Footlights?

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Franchisee Requirements

We are searching for passionate, driven individuals who are ready to be part of an exciting network of stage schools. The right person loves performing arts but not necessarily trained in the arts.

A person or partnership who understands the benefits of stage school training; someone who thrives on marketing and engagement and wants to change young people’s lives. The individuals we are looking for are outgoing, not afraid of hard work and super committed to growing the brand.

They will be trained not only on our proven system, but also in policies that can only enrich their business knowledge, such as Safeguarding, Child Sexual Exploitation, First Aid , how to manage your accounts and our top secret marketing expertise.

The person or partnership we are looking for will be forward thinking in developing their business, their aim will be to maximise your territory.

Initially they will open a stage school on Saturday mornings, 9.45am - 1pm with a view to expanding in their territory to maximise income and profit.

The Next Step

We encourage everyone interested in being part of our network to talk to us. We can't wait to hear from you...Click send... We're listening.

Simply fill out the form below to get in touch!

Footlights Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by Footlights to give you more information about the costs associated with a Footlights opportunity
Financial Overview
We’ve changed with the times.

We are passionate about brand new starters to business and understand the financial constraints of starting out, which is why we have kept the same package for 2024/2025.

Our new pricing plans give you the opportunity to recuperate all your initial costs in the first year or even less.

Footlights’ ethos is developing young performers so why not develop new business owners too?

We now offer a range of funding options to help you get started.
Option 1 - The Quick Start
  • Franchise Fee: ZERO
  • Marketing Launch & Training Fee: £3995 plus VAT
  • Working Capital: £7000
  • Monthly Royalty Fee:, 20% for 3 years, reduced to 10% after 3 years and targets that have been set are met.
  • Monthly Marketing Fee: ZERO for the first 6 months then 1% after the first six months
Option 2 – The Slow Burn
  • Franchise Fee: £9255,00 plus VAT
  • Marketing Launch & Training Fee: £3995 plus VAT
  • Working Capital: £7,000 plus VAT
  • Monthly Royalty Fee: ZERO for the first six months, then 10% after the first six months.
  • Monthly Marketing Fee: ZERO for the first year - then 1% after the first year.
  • Monthly Royalty Fee: 10%
  • Monthly Marketing Fee: ZERO for the first year - then 1% after the first year.
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Be a Part of Footlights Stage School

Be a Part of Footlights Stage School

Be a Part of Footlights Stage School
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Footlights Image
Footlights Image
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Financing Assistance
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