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Costa Coffee Franchise

No. 1 of the UK's Top 100

Costa Coffee is one of the UK's most popular coffee chains, and their concessions offer a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to get involved in the business. Concessions can be located in a variety of settings, including forecourts, convenience stores, and travel hubs.

The story of Costa began with two brothers, Bruno and Sergio Costa, who started trading as a wholesale business, roasting coffee blends in London. They decided to open their first Costa Coffee shop. All blends served by Costa are crafted at the Roastery in Basildon, which opened in 2017. A Costa Coffee shop serves a choice of coffees, teas and hot chocolate, as well as cold drinks, snacks and pastries. Costa has been named "the UK’s favourite coffee shop" following an independent survey by Allegra Strategies (December 2017).

There are various options to open a franchise with Costa Coffee:
  • a full store franchise,
  • Proud to Serve Costa, a partnership to incorporate Costa in a current business
  • Costa Express, the possibility to install self-serve coffee bars.

To open a Costa Coffee concession, you will need to meet certain eligibility criteria, including having a minimum net worth of £250,000. The initial investment required will vary depending on the location of the concession, but it is typically between £250,000 and £800,000.

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