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Thinking of starting an accountancy & tax advisory practice? Certax Accounting is looking to train more accountants and help them run a profitable accountancy business.

Our Story

Launched in September 1999, Certax Accounting has continued to grow and produce Professional Accountancy Practices for over twenty years. It is represented Nationwide with Franchisees situated throughout the United Kingdom. We are considered a major force in the Accountancy sector. Our established network embodies quality and professionalism, which has led to Certax Accounting becoming one of the leading Independent Accountancy and Taxation Franchises in the country.

The Franchise Opportunity

The Certax Accounting Franchise strives to provide its partners with a positive return on their investment whilst creating and supporting peerless Accountancy and Tax Professionals. You will be provided with best-in-class resources, enabling you to advise and help businesses, therefore, ensuring their success and profitability.

Certax Franchise has a tested and proven model that has been optimised over 20+ years and enhanced continually. You will benefit from a dedicated, responsive and highly-skilled Head Office Team bursting with expertise. You will also receive ongoing technical, marketing and compliance support. This, of course, includes intuitive and market-leading technology that will enhance your Practice capabilities. This commitment inevitably means that our Accountant’s become specialists in their field.

Certax Accounting is at the forefront of today’s Accounting and Tax software development. We ensure that all our Franchisees and their clients have access to the most appropriate cloud-based technology.

Benefits of Being a Franchisee

Choosing an accountancy franchise is statistically the safest and surest way to achieve success as a new business venture. Certax Accounting is one of the leading independent Accountancy and Taxation Franchises in the UK, built on solid professional principles that have been tested and proven for 20 + years

Our innovative Franchise Model will enable you to spend time at one of our flagship office locations, which is a fantastic opportunity to learn high-level skills and knowledge from a leading Franchise Director.

As a franchisee, you will have full access to our technical team to answer any questions that may arise or offer guidance when needed.

Franchisee Requirements

As a potential Franchisee, you must possess a proactive, determined and ambitious mindset that will enable you to make your Certax Accounting practice operate profitably.

You must be willing to scale up and be and be open-minded in operating your Certax Accounting practice, making decisions (with our guidance where needed). You must demonstrate a willingness to follow our proven franchise model and adopt our best-in-class and innovative systems.

While you do not necessarily have to be a Qualified Accountant, you do need a to have a background that will bring relevant experience to the table.

The Next Steps

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