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Become your own Burger Master with an URBAN Fresh & Fries franchise opportunity.
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Become your own Burger Master with an URBAN Fresh & Fries franchise opportunity.
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Come and join the most successful independent burger brand in the UK
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Bring the lip-smacking taste of Tex-Mex cuisine to your town.
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A unique and innovative concept within the F&B market space which compromises a premium approach to comfort food.
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Trends and Facts About Burger Franchises

Burger franchises cover a vast range of choices – from the traditional American-style beef burger with all the trimmings to the modern approach: burgers made from more unusual origins, such as hog, kangaroo, or buffalo.

But there’s more to burgers than greasy patties.

Of course, there's always a space for the after-pub treat - the greasier, the better. But there's a growing market in gourmet, specialist burgers, inspired by high-end eating experiences. This means that you're not limited to fast food franchises or takeaway franchises if you wish to open a burger outlet or more elaboraterestaurant franchises centred around burgers. So, if you're looking for a burger franchise, there's plenty of scope in the market for both the inexpensive, quick fix AND the trendy, cordon bleu version of everyone's favourite American classic.

The gourmet end of the burger market can be particularly lucrative too. Consumers are happy to spend over £10 for a high-quality burger, cooked to perfection over a flame.

Furthermore, a burger doesn't have to be meat-based either.

There's a massive, growing market in meatless—and these products also come at a distinct premium. More on that in the next section.

And don’t forget the fries. If you're creative with your fries - halloumi, parmesan, beef chili fries, pulled pork fries, etc., etc. - then the world is nothing but your oyster.

If your passion is for great food, you can help feed the nation's hunger for the humble fried patty. Judging by consumption numbers, there’s always space for new, quality burger offerings. But before you search our listing of burger franchise opportunities, learn more about a couple of developments impacting the industry below.

The Development of Flexitarian Menus

<blockquote>“The flexitarian thing is gathering momentum more, I’d say, than the vegan side but everyone is worried about animal welfare and their diet but they’re still happy to eat our farm-reared beef or fish that’s been line-caught out of the sea. They’re happy if they know where it’s come from, which is very evident on our menus and they’re happy to put their trust in us.”
~ Nick Hack, co-owner and co-chef of gastropub Cadeleigh Arms</blockquote>

Accommodating “alternative” menu desires has been a part of the food franchise space for decades. However, greater awareness surrounding the environmental and health costs of eating certain foods, meat in particular, has many consumers—and franchises—looking at different options.

Consider this: “When shopping, consumers are also actively looking for plant-based features in a product, with the younger generations leading the trend,” Ana Purcaroiu, Senior Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, comments. “GlobalData’s survey shows that 48% of the UK’s Gen Z have a positive view of ‘plant-based’ foods, while 12% see it as an essential feature when making a purchase. Furthermore, half the population agree that they would make the switch to plant-based products owing to health reasons.”

The biggest reason for the big boom in plant-based burgers: The vegetarian menu isn’t just for vegetarians anymore.

Food franchise customers as a whole have shown a shift towards healthier options with an occasional caloric splurge. “Nearly one-third of the consumer identifies as either flexitarian or say they limit or avoid animal proteins,” says Patty Trevino, senior vice president of brand marketing for CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc., which includes Carl’s Jr., Hardees, Green Burrito and Red Burrito.

However, it should be noted that the overall adoption of plant-based food, specifically burgers, has endured hiccups. But, in assessing the future prospects of the trend, note the actions of the powerhouse burger franchises. The insistence of companies such as Burger King and McDonald’s in continuing the development of these items despite setbacks indicates a future where plant-based is the norm.

In sum, as a whole, customers are trying to eat healthier most of the time while indulging every now and again. And food franchises are doing their best to develop menus that accommodate both desires. As it stands, the current market in the UK for plant-based based foods is strong and poised to get stronger.

Will the Drive-Through Boom Wane Again?

One question for Britons opening a burger franchise: Should I invest the money in a drive-through as part of my franchise?

According to a The Guardian article, Britons have had a somewhat love-hate relationship with the drive-through for over 40 years. However, they were “back in vogue” before the pandemic, and increased in popularity over the past few years – for obvious reasons.

According to Thomas Rose, a co-founder of real estate consultancy P-Three, operators like them because they generate high sales and require fewer staff than a sit-in property. Demand for drive-through sites “has probably increased 25% post-Covid as we see a shift to more convenience,” said Rose in 2021. “There are around 200 sites per year required by operators. The pressure for sites is significant and competitive bidding for the best locations between operators is becoming more common.”

But has consumer behavior changed enough to where future UK burger franchise owners should consider the elevated investment for the service mode? Some industry observers aren’t so sure.

“We’ve had drive-throughs for over 30 years and it has not really taken off except for a small number of brands,” said restaurant industry consultant Peter Backman to The Guardian. “I’m a little bit sceptical because the reason it works in America is they’ve got the space and a very car-driven culture. People will quite naturally drive 20 minutes to get a hamburger whereas that’s probably a bit more of an ask in this country.”

So is a drive-through right for your future burger franchise? The answer will be unique to your circumstance. Luckily, you’ll have a franchisor to assist you in making the final determination.

Advantages of a Burger Franchise Over Independent Operation

As part of the ultra-competitive fast food franchising world, it can be challenging to start a food franchise from scratch in a marketplace where branding is so important in order to cut through the competition. And even that is after the research and development phase: ensuring your menu hits the mark with your future customers.

Customers are likely to opt for a recognisable brand if given a choice between a known and an unknown. And franchising is an opportunity to take advantage of a brand that has done the hard work for you in those areas concerning simply making it to the market. They have an established menu that's been tried-and-tested, and it’s proven that people have been keen to buy the product.

Familiarity breeds confidence in the marketing world, and if a customer recognises a brand, they already know that they offer quality of service and value for money. That’s going to sway their choice.

Buying a burger franchise allows you to associate yourself with a familiar brand identity, and inherit an established reputation with an existing customer base.

However, it’s important to remember that even with the guidance and support, franchises are independently-owned businesses. Therefore, whether your personal burger franchise is a success or failure is based entirely on you and your ability to run the company well.

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