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Trends and Facts About Health Food Franchises

More and more people are taking increasingly active steps to live the best life possible for them. The UK got bit by the healthy living bug in the 1980s, and industries associated with health and wellbeing have grown exponentially since; and are showing no signs of slowing down in terms of growth.

As a result, there’s never been more options in the marketplace for products and services that aid people in living their healthiest life possible. For those seeking a career option in this area through franchising, the possibilities are virtually endless.

More specifically, for health food franchises: A healthy diet is one part of a healthy lifestyle. Having a healthy, or clean, diet can not only help with weight management, it can also help improve a person’s health and quality of life.

Food that wears its health credentials on its sleeve is everywhere. And you can operate a food franchise with virtually any cuisine. You can choose a franchise from Mexican food to Thai or stay with the more traditional picks in this area of smoothie or bowl franchise. Even fast food franchises and vending machine vendors have gotten in on the healthy kick.

The Development of the “Flexitarian” Menu“

<blockquote>The flexitarian thing is gathering momentum more, I’d say, than the vegan side but everyone is worried about animal welfare and their diet but they’re still happy to eat our farm-reared beef or fish that’s been line-caught out of the sea. They’re happy if they know where it’s come from, which is very evident on our menus and they’re happy to put their trust in us.”
~ Nick Hack, co-owner and co-chef of gastropub Cadeleigh Arms</blockquote>

Accommodating “alternative” menu desires has been a part of the food franchise space for decades. However, greater awareness surrounding the environmental and health costs of eating certain foods, meat in particular, has many consumers—and franchises—looking at different options.

Consider this: “When shopping, consumers are also actively looking for plant-based features in a product, with the younger generations leading the trend,” Ana Purcaroiu, Senior Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, comments. “GlobalData’s survey shows that 48% of the UK’s Gen Z have a positive view of ‘plant-based’ foods, while 12% see it as an essential feature when making a purchase. Furthermore, half the population agree that they would make the switch to plant-based products owing to health reasons.”

The biggest reason for the big boom in plant-based burgers: The vegetarian menu isn’t just for vegetarians anymore.

Food franchise customers as a whole have shown a shift towards healthier options with an occasional caloric splurge. “Nearly one-third of the consumer identifies as either flexitarian or say they limit or avoid animal proteins,” says Patty Trevino, senior vice president of brand marketing for CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc., which includes Carl’s Jr., Hardees, Green Burrito and Red Burrito. Also, to that end, Liz Matthews, Taco Bell’s global chief food innovation officer, says “We believe that vegetarian food shouldn’t be a compromise; it shouldn’t be limited to one item, and it shouldn’t be just for vegetarians.”

However, it should be noted that the overall adoption of plant-based food, specifically burgers, has endured hiccups. But, in assessing the future prospects of the trend, note the actions of the powerhouse burger franchises. The insistence of companies such as Burger King, McDonald’s and others in continuing the development of these items despite setbacks indicates a future where plant-based is the norm.

In sum, as a whole, customers are trying to eat healthier most of the time while indulging every now and again. And food franchises are doing their best to develop menus that accommodate both desires. As it stands, the current market in the UK for plant-based based foods is strong and poised to get stronger.

Also, as meat becomes a luxury item, other alternatives such as gourmet bugs and insects have been growing in popularity as a protein source. But, perhaps, that market is yet to reach its zenith. In addition to food, there has also been a massive growth in alcohol-free adult beverages as well.

What You Should Seek When Choosing a Health Food Franchise

People buy into franchises for many different reasons. Suppose you are enthusiastic about owning your own business and offering various tasty food to your community, but can’t quite come up with a business idea of your own.

Or, maybe, you know exactly what you want to do, but the idea of doing all of the legwork in setting of a business – such as brand development, writing a business plan, learning the rules and regulations of the industry, finding how to supplement your existing skills in the area, figuring out marketing, etc. – makes your head spin.

In either case, franchising may be the best method for making your dreams come true.

When deciding which franchise to invest in, you should compare how much and what types of support the franchisors offer on an initial and ongoing basis. The most common services offered by the franchisor include but are not limited to the following:

  • Advertising and marketing strategy
  • Advice and business support from headquarters
  • Assistance in choosing and developing the franchise location
  • A well-known brand name
  • Management training
  • Operating manuals
  • Quality food standards
  • Research and development of new foods and services

With a recognisable brand name and logo, high-quality signage, and other support materials provided by the franchisor, you will be able to focus your efforts on the everyday aspects of running the business. This includes staffing and managing the company and ordering supplies, and selling and passing on the product.

It’s important to remember that even with the guidance and support, franchises are independently-owned businesses. Therefore, whether your health food franchise is a success or failure is based entirely on you and your ability to run the company.

Browse our healthy food franchise opportunities, and get on the road to wellness and a satisfying career today.

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