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Build a business every bit as beautiful as our home interiors

+35% sales growth in 2022

A thriving retail business enabling you and your team to provide customers with beautiful bespoke yet affordable kitchens, bedrooms and home interiors.

Open your own showroom with a leading global brand

  • Every home needs kitchen, bathroom, lounge, bedroom and storage design solutions
  • Schmidt combines German engineering with French design flair
  • A global brand revered for beautiful made-to-measure kitchens and interiors
  • A cashflow positive business where customers pay you upfront when ordering
  • No stock holding – orders are delivered direct from our factory to your customer
  • Prime territories in our thriving UK network are still available…

Full training: no interior design experience required

  • Management business – employ your own team from day one
  • High average sale price per transaction £8.5K - £50k+
  • The strength of a global brand behind your business
  • Guidance and support throughout your business journey

Franchisees in the UK have come from a wide variety of backgrounds, all sharing a keen interest in interior design; from senior roles in IT, architecture, engineering and marketing to teaching, F&B, electrical and the kitchen industry itself.

Your role as the franchisee is to lead your showroom team, welcoming prospective customers and overseeing the operation of your business, including an active role in the sales and providing exceptional customer service.

“We have a lot of flexibility for doing the sizes we want, and a wider range of options. It’s a very sustainable, natural product, and all those factors put it above a lot of competitors in the industry.” - Agron Llupa, Schmidt Beaconsfield


We only make money when you make sales, so we’re as dedicated to your success as you are!

Generate £1M+annual sales
Enjoy over £100K annual earnings
Asset value
£160K+ on exit

Numbers based on established UK franchisee performance, but should not be relied upon as a guarantee of success.

Support throughout your journey

  • Guidance with forming your business plan and securing lending
  • Professional property search and negotiations by expert partners
  • Expert design and fit-out of your beautiful new showroom
  • A loan from Schmidt for your entire showroom interior fit-out
  • Full initial and ongoing training and setup support for you…
  • …and extensive training courses for your employees

Your dedicated UK support team are backed up by experts at head office in Alsace, all working to help ensure your business is successful.

A global brand behind your local business

in the UK
Showrooms worldwide
Global group

Founded in 1959 by Hubert Schmidt, the brand is now owned and operated by his granddaughters who have continued to uphold the strong ethos and culture, building on their family’s legacy. Where global brands of this size are often owned by corporations and VCs more interested in the financials, Schmidt is refreshingly human. Many of the 1,700+ employees at the 5 factories in Alsace plus 1 in Germany, view Schmidt as a job-for-life, ten/twenty/thirty-plus years!

For you and your employees this translates into industry-leading guidance, training and ongoing support. The profitability of your business is vital to ensure longevity and mutual ongoing success.

For example, there has been a drive to empower franchisees to grow their share of the high-margin interiors market, with HQ investing ‎€50M+ in a new factory to satisfy increasing demand.

Find out more

If you are interested in learning more about the Schmidt business opportunity and:
  • Are passionate about sales, management and design
  • Enjoy providing excellent customer service
  • Prefer working on high-value transactions
  • Want to build and lead your own team
  • Able to invest at least £70K (+ borrowing)

Then get in touch for a franchise prospectus, which will give you more details on the business, financials and opportunity.

Schmidt Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by Schmidt to give you more information about the costs associated with a Schmidt opportunity
Minimum Investment
Total Investment Required
Schmidt News

Euroforum event reveals glimpse into Schmidt’s future

Three thousand of the most motivated people in the interior design world have taken a glimpse into the future at Schmidt’s glittering Euroforum 2022 event in Madrid.

Summer sales sizzle at Schmidt

New figures from Schmidt’s home interiors franchise highlight the power of local entrepreneurs backed by a global brand: July’s turnover rose 14% compared to the same month in 2021 – a year in which sales already grew by over 40% on 2020.

Schmidt franchisees celebrate business boom as pandemic recedes

Business is booming at kitchens, bathrooms and home interiors firm Schmidt, with orders, enquiries, order values, turnover and web traffic all up substantially.

Franchise partners see turnover nearly double, average order values up 13%

Franchisees at kitchens and interiors company Schmidt are celebrating an extraordinary start to 2022 with turnover almost doubling and orders proving even more lucrative.

4x4: Four months, four new openings for thriving Schmidt brand

Interior solutions franchise Schmidt is off to a flying start to 2022 with news that four new showrooms will open in the first four months of the year.

I loved my Schmidt kitchen so much I bought my own showroom

Schmidt Image

“My wife bought a Schmidt kitchen from another showroom before I became an owner,” says Tony, owner of Schmidt Ruislip. “As a client I was amazed at the quality of the product.

“I thought Schmidt must be doing something right so I got in touch and decided to be a franchisee.”

And from there, he’s since become the No1 UK showroom in sales volume.

His success is all the more remarkable because Tony had no background in design or interiors.

Originally from Beirut, he spent 15 years as a City banker, gave it up to open his own authentic Lebanese restaurant in Chelsea, but found it didn’t suit his lifestyle with long hours and weekend working.

Then he discovered Schmidt.

Tony says: “I’m proud I’ve learned this business very quickly and become number one. I can’t tell whether I’m a lucky person or have just managed my company properly.

“On day one we had a sale, and clients. We never had a failure from the day we opened.

“I’m the top showroom in the UK after three years and managed to overtake many others who had been trading for longer.”

The secret to his success? Passion.

“If you don’t love the product, you can’t sell it. That’s why I’m successful.

“I live with the product on a daily basis in my own home so I can sell it with honesty. When I explain to a client about the kitchen, I explain from the heart. I talk from personal experience and speak with passion.

“I’m also very fussy with my staff, with customer service, with all the details. This is what clients like. I’m a bit of an OCD person, so all this helps me be successful.”

Tony, who has a master’s degree in international business, remains impressed with Schmidt and the training and support he received, as well as its business model which he follows diligently.

“They teach you everything and hold your hand, and if you follow the formula you will be successful. The company’s been in the market for more than 80 years so it would be silly not to!

“We had lockdowns, but we still had monthly business generated through the internet and Zoom. It affected us, but not as much as other companies. I do whatever it takes not to fail.

“I’m involved in everything but I’m not a bossy person – I listen, and I learn a lot from my staff. We’re a good team.

“Schmidt were very, very honest with me. They told me absolutely everything about the business, so I wasn’t surprised by anything.”

As for the future? Carefully planned growth, he says.

“Every owner dreams about another showroom. But I don’t like to rush things. I do hope to have a couple of showrooms when the first one can manage without me, as being a Schmidt franchisee fits really well with my family lifestyle.”

Schmidt Videos
How I became the UK's No1 Schmidt franchise

How I became the UK's No1 Schmidt franchise

Tony Nakhoul loved the kitchen he installed so much, he started a business with Schmidt!
Why I added a Schmidt franchise to my property business interests

Why I added a Schmidt franchise to my property business interests

Agron Llupa found Schmidt when he installed a kitchen in one of his property development projects - he liked it so much, he started a business with them.
Schmidt | Franchise Promo

Schmidt | Franchise Promo

Take a look at the Schmidt franchise opportunity.
Schmidt Franchise Gallery
Schmidt Franchise Gallery
Schmidt Franchise Gallery
Schmidt Franchise Gallery
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