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Refresh Renovations

Refresh Renovations

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Do you want to build a £1M business in a market with no consolidated competition?

The Reason We Exist

Incredibly, it’s estimated that around 40% of renovations end in disputes due to escalating budgets and missed deadlines. This is largely because the renovation market is highly fragmented and disorganised. That’s why we provide customers with a single point of contact who carries the brief throughout the design, quote and build processes, reducing complexity and dramatically improving communication.

What Do You Want?

  • Are you looking for a unique franchise opportunity that requires no industry experience?
  • Are you interested in running a business that operates in an untapped market with enormous potential?
  • Would you like a business where the service and solution offered is understood almost immediately by most home owners?

What We Do

Refresh is the first national design-and-build home renovation franchise in the UK. That’s important, because being a specialist in renovation projects puts us at a unique advantage. While most builders view renovations as the ‘gap-filler’ between new-build projects, our teams specialise in renovations.

We love this work and it’s all we do.

Key Things to Note

  • You don’t need to be a builder or have building experience.
  • We have a unique franchise setup, designed so franchisees can maximise their management skills to build a valuable business asset.
  • This is a sales and marketing oriented business with world-leading systems and support.
  • Low start-up costs (no up-front premises or fit-out costs), full initial training and well-structured ongoing support, you could be reaping the rewards of joining an industry-leading business in no time at all.
The UK construction industry is comprised of three main sectors:
  1. New home building.
  2. Commercial construction.
  3. Residential renovations.
Refresh Renovations Franchise

There is no consolidated business offering a nationwide home renovation service.

Refresh Renovations was the first to deliver these benefits on a national scale, offering homeowners a consistent customer experience using proven systems and processes and taking the guesswork out of choosing a builder.

The Home Renovation Problem

Anyone who’s ever undertaken one – or knows someone who has – knows that renovations are exciting, but also extremely stressful. Between finalising plans, managing tradespeople and finding funds, renovating a home is typically one of the most hectic scenarios in the average homeowner’s life.

The Refresh Renovations Solution

The Refresh process makes home renovations less stressful. Our aim is to ensure residential homeowners get the renovation of their dreams for the best possible value.

Customers around the world trust Refresh Renovations because they know they’ll receive a consistently high level of service. Not just once, but every time they want to renovate.

Our business model is the perfect combination of commercial building practices, processes, technology and systems – all with a residential focus. It allows skilled builders and tradespeople to focus on their key strengths and saves homeowners time and money.

Who Are Our Customers?

Our potential customer is anyone considering undertaking a home renovation. From first-time buyers to multiple homeowners, there’s no typical Refresh customer. If someone is thinking about renovating but doesn’t want the hassle or added cost of project managing the build singlehandedly, Refresh offers a solution.

What We Offer Our Customers

There are a number of ways we deliver excellent value to our customers.
  1. Firstly, we use state of the art processes and systems to keep projects on time and on budget supported by our clear briefing and communication, robust design processes, and streamlined project management.
  2. Secondly, with our group buying power on materials and labour, Refresh customers are assured of a top-quality renovation at the best possible cost. Research has shown that the Refresh design-and-build process can save up to 30% on a typical building project!
Role of a Refresh Renovations Business Owner Refresh Renovation consultants ensure that homeowners don’t have to navigate the fragmented and confusing renovation industry. Consultants work with clients to discuss their ideas, budget and priorities – then, with their team, they make it happen. The homeowner doesn’t have to lift a finger.

Refresh provides a single point of contact to take homeowners through the entire renovation, while the Refresh process ensures cost-effective renovations – from design to completion.

Global Growth

Today, Refresh is the leading global residential renovation business. We currently have over 50 franchisees operating across New Zealand and Australia and we are expanding rapidly in the UK and USA. Refresh is the first national design-and-build renovation franchise in UK, so this is a rare opportunity to be part of bringing a proven business model to an untapped market.
Refresh Renovations Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by Refresh Renovations to give you more information about the costs associated with a Refresh Renovations opportunity
Franchise fee
Total investment range

£40,000 - £80,000
Required Liquid Capital
Refresh Investment Structure for 2022

PositionFranchise InvestmentMarketing Fund
1st in Region£45,000£9,000 matching fund in first year
Reinvestment into franchisees 1st year marketing campaigns to a maximum of £9,000 on a match funding basis.
2nd in Region£50,000
3rd in Region£55,000
4th in Region£60,000
5th in Region£65,000
6+ in Region£70,000
Refresh Renovations News

Group behind Refresh Renovations announces 100 franchises across three franchises

The Traffic Group behind Refresh Renovations now has more than 100 franchises globally across three franchises. 
Refresh Renovations Success Stories

Success Story - Kim Reiche

May 28, 2021
Moving from one country to another and starting life all over again, in a totally new environment is a challenge – believe me.

Success Story - Jim Gleeson

May 28, 2021
I bought my central Auckland Refresh Renovations franchise towards the end of 2013. Before becoming a Refresh Renovations franchise owner, I was CFO at a home automation company, providing technology solutions for new residential homes.

Success Story - Wayne Gordon

May 28, 2021
My wife and I joined Refresh Renovations in 2012, and we have been the owner operators of the Refresh Manawatu franchise ever since.

Success Story - Hayley English

May 28, 2021
I was intrigued and led to Refresh Renovations because of the brand and community of Refresh - along with it being a new adventure!

Success Story - Jeff Clark

May 28, 2021
Like the majority of Refresh Franchise owners I have always been passionate about the construction sector but, before I joined Refresh Renovations, I had been working in an unrelated industry.

Success Story - Mark Morrison

May 28, 2021
I set up my Wellington based Refresh business in January 2017.

Success Story - Sergio

May 28, 2021
Sergio regularly reviewed a number of franchise opportunities on the Franchise Direct UK portal before coming across Refresh Renovations.
Refresh Renovations Testimonials
"We have been impressed with the professional and polished approach taken by the team at Traffic in their establishment and roll-out of the Refresh Renovation franchise operation. Traffic’s approach, and Refresh’s processes and systems appear to be second to none. They are certainly far more advanced than a number of other franchise systems that we have had contact with. Our view is that the team at Traffic and Refresh are proactive, innovative, well-organised, smart, professional and committed to excellence. As their lawyers, we have seen first hand how satisfied potential Refresh Renovations franchisees are in terms of the process of introduction to the system and subsequent conversion to franchisees. The roll-out of the Refresh franchise operation has been able to be brought to market extremely quickly without any compromise in quality. Opportunities will certainly come knocking to this franchised business, and we would recommend them, and Traffic, without hesitation."
Scott Goodwin, Franchise Lawyer,
Refresh Renovations
“They project manage the renovation from start to finish! This took the stress out of having to organise different contractors for each component of the renovation and meant there would be just one point of call for any issues that might arise.
Hayley and Simon Nolan, Refresh Customer’s,
Refresh Renovations
“WOW! Refresh Renovations are a breath of fresh air! Prompt response to my enquiry, initial meeting informative and professional, follow up communication outstanding - such an amazing service!
Tracey Gudsell, Refresh Customer,
Refresh Renovations
“The directors are pretty smart, trustworthy guys and I kind of felt they knew what they were talking about - (I) had faith in the directors, the systems and the people.
Mark Morrison, Wellington franchise owner & former design engineer (on why he chose Refresh),
Refresh Renovations
“The Refresh franchise was affordable compared to other franchises available in the market. I could own a franchise without actually taking a huge loan, before even getting into a business. The second biggest advantage to owning a Refresh franchise is having the flexibility and the lifestyle that I am leading right now. The right balance between my family life and professional life was equally important to me.
Steve Wang, Wellington franchise owner & former hospitality superstar,
Refresh Renovations
“Like most Refresh franchise owners, I’m not from the industry. I’m 46 and decided that I wanted to get out of the rat-race in terms of working for the corporate world and working for “the man”. So I was looking for something that meant that I got to set my own agenda. I have a lifestyle which I like to maintain so I did look objectively at Refresh in terms of whether it could maintain my lifestyle and/or provide a better lifestyle both through my financial perspective and from a work/life balance perspective.
Jeff Clark - Refresh Renovations Wellington franchise owner & former IT whizz,
Refresh Renovations
With a franchise, you can hit the ground running. The fact that guidelines and structure are already in place really helps people who do not have experience in running their own business. The best part is you can start selling instantly.”
Dave Georgetti, Auckland franchise owner & former business manager,
Refresh Renovations
“Refresh Renovations stood out for me because of their straightforward and well-designed operating strategy. The national marketing support the company offers is outstanding and their systems are excellent – the Refresh process covers everything from the initial briefing to concept, working drawings, quote, build and finished project. This allows clients to fully understand what’s involved in a renovation project – the planning needed to achieve the end result.”
Kim Reiche, South Auckland franchise owner & former Architectural Specifier,
Refresh Renovations
“The support network from head office and other franchisees in the group add a lot of value to beginners like me.
Dave Georgetti, Auckland franchise owner & former business manager,
Refresh Renovations
“It was an opportunity for me to get into an exciting industry that I was interested in but didn’t have a huge amount of knowledge or experience in. I knew when buying a franchise that it would allow me to join this industry and get the experience and knowledge”
Paul Cree, Melbourne franchise owner & former engineering consultant,
Refresh Renovations
Refresh Renovations Videos
Refresh Renovations | Working with Customers

Refresh Renovations | Working with Customers

Find out about the UK's best home renovation builder and how Refresh Renovations delivers renovation projects - on time and on budget.
How we support you | Refresh Renovations

How we support you | Refresh Renovations

Many people are looking for a franchise business because of the benefits franchising brings: a well known brand, established systems and processes and fast start-up.
Refresh Renovations Franchise
Refresh Renovations Franchise
Refresh Renovations Franchise
Refresh Renovations Franchise
Refresh Renovations Franchise
Refresh Renovations Franchise
Available Locations:
Single and multi-unit franchise opportunities available across the UK
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:
Financing Assistance
3rd Party
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