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Homecare franchise making the headlines for all the right reasons.

Two things are true in an ageing society:

Millions of people, 45 years old and over, want to work in flexible, local, well-paid jobs that value their experience.

Millions of elderly people need help to live independently.

Seniors Helping Seniors is a unique model of elderly care addressing both these issues simultaneously.

In a survey run by The TSB bank, 97% of the public said they prefer to spend with companies who run their businesses on good business principles.

Seniors Helping Seniors businesses are members of the prestigious Good Business Charter and Care Sector Champions for the Living Wage Foundation.

These hard-won principles guide everything we do, including the way we treat your enquiry. You are assured transparency and accuracy.

We will need to know you will uphold the highest business standards because the kite marks our partners live by every day, are governed. We expect you to be as proud as we are when your customers tell you they came to you because you are members of The Good Business Charter, because you pay and treat your carers exceptionally well, and because they read glowing reviews.

The brand stands for trust and expertise with over 24 years of service delivery.

The company is privately owned with no venture capitalists to answer to which results in a non-pressurised and kind business environment.

Because we are not ‘medical’, we have many benefits: For the business owner, being out of scope for the Care Quality Commission (CQC) means our businesses save all the time and costs that come with regulation. Our non-regulated services follow CQC standards as a minimum and we excel. Business owners can remain out of scope for the CQC forever, but there is a choice!

Now regulated by the CQC to provide personal care

Early in 2022 the company’s methodologies on offering personal care alongside Companionship care were accepted by the CQC.

Franchise partners now have the choice to provide personal care alongside companionship care for the same low franchise fee.

Whenever business owners want to expand into personal care the franchisor offers support in applying for CQC registration and the blueprint for offering the services.

The support and the blueprint are offered 'free of charge’ which means the business owner does not pay the franchisor. The business owner does pay the CQC and does pay for everything required to run a CQC regulated care company.

Seniors Helping Seniors earned the S.A.F.E care award for it’s COVID-19 response and our unique carer to client protocols continue to provide comfort.

Priorities regarding how people make their living, where they spend their money and who they work for and with, has shifted in society. What appeals most now are companies who prove they genuinely leave the world in a better place and as an independently owned care company, Seniors Helping Seniors is an influencer in this regard.

Christian Wilse, Seniors Helping Seniors (UK) says “The vision for Seniors Helping Seniors is always on the requirements of the ageing population and this is an amazing place to be. Our ethical credentials stand out to clients, carers and to our potential business partners. Care has always been big business and our approach is refreshing. We entered the sector to disrupt. We are transparent and true.“

Seniors Helping Seniors is a fully managed care service. Helping self-funders and people using care allowances. Signposted by charities, GP’s, dementia specialists and social prescribers because the benefits of wellbeing and purposeful living are proven.

Christian says, “Our carers can utilise experiences gained through caring for loved ones or working in traditional care. We provide well-paid, flexible work that fits requirements in every community. We always have willing and able carers joining our offices. Our clients are raving fans and our franchise partners are happy and proud."

Every franchisee gives top scores for training and support.

  • Partners are supported every step of the way with free 24/7 support for the duration of their ten year franchise
  • Franchise license is renewable at a token cost
  • Franchise partners are recruited to be trusted
  • Franchise partners are respected for their business experience and for the goals they have
  • People without professional care experience are welcome
  • ROI is fast and partners can grow at their own pace
  • Seniors Helping Seniors has low start-up fees
  • Risks and outgoings are low and controllable
  • The home-based operation costs are low
  • Nationally renowned kite marks for excellence support new businesses
  • Business owner coaching
  • Proven people strategies

Franchise partners can scale their business geographically because adjoining territories are likely to be available to the right franchisees. Franchise partners can also scale their business by adding CQC regulated services.

Every day at Seniors Helping Seniors feels great. You’ll be using your current business skills and all the training you receive to build a legacy for yourself, whilst doing something of high social impact with a care company making headlines for all the right reasons.

Currently targeting franchise partners in SouthEast and East England. All enquiries are very welcome!

If you want to make a huge difference in this way, we’d love to hear from you. Simply complete the form below to get in touch!

Seniors Helping Seniors News

Senior Helping Seniors | Delivering on important principles

April 03, 2024| Franchise News
Our partners have the pride that comes from taking the opportunity to join a business where treating clients, suppliers and their teams superbly well , is a non-negotiable.

Seniors Helping Seniors: 10 year Anniversary!

The American owners of Seniors Helping Seniors joined the partner convention in Canterbury this month.

When Brand Values resonate with great causes

Sally Wilse Co-owner of Seniors Helping Seniors explains what happens when brand values are so pertinent.

Seniors Helping Seniors Mature Drivers Initiative

Seniors Helping Seniors to partner with Kent Road Safety for a mature driving course.

Seniors Helping Seniors UK has achieved a very important milestone in 2022

Partners exited the business as planned, selling profitably quickly.

Seniors Helping Seniors franchisee celebrates her first 6 months in business!

Rena Loizou invested in Seniors Helping Seniors Eastbourne, Hastings and Rother and she has just celebrated her first six months. She has a thriving team of carers and happy clients already and hers is the 7th office for the brand in the UK.

Seniors Helping Seniors In-Home Services Offers a Meaningful Opportunity for Potential Carers and Investors

2021 was the year of “the great retirement.” Covid encouraged many to cut ties with their jobs. 2022 however is a different story and people who cut ties, are re-assessing.

Buying an established Seniors Helping Seniors Care Agency Franchise

by Franchise Direct| April 07, 2022| Franchise News, Franchise Information Centre
Seniors Helping Seniors Care Agency share insights ahead of the International Franchise Show.

The UK’s Seniors Helping Seniors is celebrating it’s sixth franchise

Steve Cowley opened Windsor, Maidenhead and Bracknell this month and joins 300 Seniors Helping Seniors worldwide.

Seniors Helping Seniors Case Study | Mike and Cathy Scott

SHS Image

Mike & Cathy Scott, Owners Seniors Helping Seniors, Solihull and Warwick

The average age of a Seniors Helping Seniors carer is 59.7 years old. The oldest carer is 85 years old. The company attracts franchise partners who see inspiration in this fact.

Cathy Scott co-owns Seniors Helping Seniors Solihull and Warwick with husband Mike Scott. They bought their Seniors helping Seniors franchise in August 2022. Cathy says “I’m hiring people with care experience to support people in Solihull and Warwick with companionship care. Age is not the driver, it’s about experience and personality.”

Mike says, “The care experience can be professional care experience or caring for loved ones. Almost everyone we know has relevant experience because the population is ageing. And people appreciate the work Seniors Helping Seniors has to offer because it is rewarding, paid well and flexible.”

When Mike and Cathy explain why they opened their branch of Seniors Helping Seniors: it’s about bringing together their business expertise and their passion for people.

Seniors Helping Seniors are champions at the Living Wage foundation. Seniors Helping Seniors is also part of the Good Business Charter in the UK and these credentials mean a lot.

Mike and Cathy’s dedication to helping everyone live their best life is infectious. They met at university and Cathy was soon working with Mike and his parents in their residential care home business.

Both have a longstanding passion for people getting the best out of life and wellbeing. Their successful careers took them into energy supply businesses and customer facing roles.

When voluntary redundancy became available at Mike’s company the couple took the opportunity to leave corporate life. They had friends who had succeeded in franchised businesses - so they started to analyse care franchises.

Mike says “it was very clear to me that the Seniors Helping Seniors home-care company is special. Disrupting the way the sector usually does things. Focussing on the jobs seniors want to do is the game changer.”

Mike says “I love my day to day. I’m creating a business I can be proud of. We don’t need to chase invitations to talk about what Seniors Helping Seniors is doing and that feels amazing for a new business. The growth opportunity at this franchise appealed because we can easily grow geographically, and we can provide personal care when we are ready.”

Seniors Helping Seniors Testimonials
We run the Solihull & Warwick office. We knew we wanted to run our own business, but we wanted something with a real social purpose too. This drew us to the home care sector where we came across the SHS brand. It felt such a compelling and disruptive model for home care. Older adults being supported and helped by like-minded, relatable people of a similar demographic. It made total sense! Christian and Sally were extremely helpful, approachable and transparent with all our questions (we had lots of them!) during our due diligence before purchasing. This made a significant decision for us, much easier to make. Training was great and very insightful and helped prepare us for the early months of starting our business. We are now getting to grips with things and Christian & Sally are always on hand to help with queries and provide guidance. There is never any pressure or hard targets, but rather a constant availability to support us in getting to where we want to be. We're proud to be part of the SHS care network and look forward to having a positive impact in our local community.
Mike & Cathy S,
Seniors Helping Seniors
We were excited to attend the Seniors Helping Seniors Care Franchise onboarding training in February 2022 with Christian and Sally. The training was truly ‘5’star, very thorough and detailed. We learnt about the importance of adopting the franchise model and they shared strategies for success in managing and growing a Seniors Helping Seniors care agency franchise. We took on board their top tips for marketing our own domiciliary care franchise and immediately put them into practise. This has significantly increased awareness of the services our care3 franchise provides and has enabled fast track growth. Sally and Christian continue to provide outstanding coaching and are always very supportive.
Seniors Helping Seniors
I discovered Seniors Helping Seniors franchise opportunity when looking for a business after retiring from teaching. I wanted somthing that was about people, was run on ethical principles, and would be financially successful. After inital talks with Christian and Sally, I was so glad that my wife and I took the plunge and bought our Seniors Helping Seniors business. Training and support has been outstanding, with nothing being too much trouble and questions answered immediately. I really feel that I have 'arrived' home, and that many and varied life experiences have brought me to this. If you are looking to make a difference and help solve a real problem for so many eldery people, then I would absolutely recommend a serious look at this opportunity.
Steve C,
Seniors Helping Seniors
From the inital telephone call, both Christian and Sally have been open and welcoming to the Seniors Helping Seniors franchise. The inital training gives you all the tools that you require to build your SHS business, to whatever size you want. Regular contact with Christian and Sally helps you overcome any operating issues. I would recommend anyone looking at starting a business in the care sector to have a serios and in-depth look at Seniors Helping Seniors
Mike D,
Seniors Helping Seniors
Before I met Christian and Sally, I had been acutely aware through personal experience wth my elderly mother that there was a desperate need for the home care sector to be disrupted, for business to be conducted differently and for the edlers of our society to be valued and supported through opportunities to continue working and remaining active, as well as for those who need to be supported, to do so with love, kindness and compassion. Upon meeting Sally and Christian, I realised very quickly that Seniors Helping Seniors does exactly this, and more. It was a no-brainer for me to then become a franchise partner. The entire process has been an utter joy and Sally and Christian have been supportive and thorough in the training and support, always available and willing to help. I truly feel part of a team that is the living embodiment of its mission and values. I recently completed my training which, due to Covid was conducted virtually, however, this was no issue at all. It's a true honour to be a part of the team and to make a difference to how the eldery are supported and cared for.
Rena L,
Seniors Helping Seniors
We run the Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, & West Malling branch in West Kent and have been extremely pleased with the support and training that Christian & Sally provided and we love the whole concept of Seniors Helping Seniors. The inital training provides everything you need to get started and the systems and processes work well, make running a Seniors Helping Seniors branch simple compared to setting up in business yourself. We highly recommend both the franchise and the entire Seniors Helping Seniors business model.
Keith R,
Seniors Helping Seniors
Great inital training and lots of follow-up service as needed
Andrew B,
Seniors Helping Seniors
We found Sally and Christian to be very approachable and easy to talk to from the start of our initial enquiry about Seniors Helping Seniors. They have a very open and transparent approach which is refreshing. The training was comprehensive and well structured, yet adaptable to one's level of business experience and, having owned and operated the Seniors Helping Seniors business themselves from its inception in the UK, both Christian and Sally were able to train on many different scenarios drawn from their own first hand experiences. Ongoing training and support is on hand and just a phone call or Zoom meeting away. Christian and Sally are motivated to assist their franchisees to build their businesses, as Seniors Helping Seniors becomes one of the leading elderly care providers in the South East of England. We would be happy to (and have done so) recommend the Seniors Helping Seniors Franchise to anyone looking for a rewarding business and making a difference to the lives of the elderly.
Paul M,
Seniors Helping Seniors
Our carers are very caring and have been fantastic with mum. There were times when I don't know what we would have done without your assistance. This has been a very difficult time for us and I want to say how happy we have been with the services provided by the carers and Seniors Helping Seniors management throughout. Average rating: 5/5. Overall standard: 5/5. Staff: 5/5. Care/support: 5/5. Management: 5/5. Treated with dignity: 5/5. Value for money elderly care: 5/5.
Gill W.,
Seniors Helping Seniors
I dropped a mission on Senior Helping Seniors this week, and I am a new client! It was an emergency. They took on the challenge and have just sent me the rota for next week's cover for my father. Thank you so much!
Seniors Helping Seniors
Seniors Helping Seniors Franchise
Seniors Helping Seniors Franchise
Seniors Helping Seniors Franchise
Seniors Helping Seniors Franchise
Seniors Helping Seniors Franchise
Seniors Helping Seniors Franchise
Seniors Helping Seniors Franchise
Seniors Helping Seniors Franchise
Seniors Helping Seniors Franchise
Seniors Helping Seniors
Seniors Helping Seniors
Seniors Helping Seniors Franchise
Seniors Helping Seniors Franchise
Seniors Helping Seniors Franchise
Seniors Helping Seniors Franchise
Seniors Helping Seniors Franchise
Seniors Helping Seniors Franchise
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Opportunities available in South East and East England.
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