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Just Pizza & Pasta

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Still JUST dreaming about running your own successful, buzzing restaurant? Make today that “one day” with a Just Pizza & Pasta franchise!

Appealing to a huge cross-section of customers with its authentic Italian flavours, and friendly, vibrant atmosphere, this is a restaurant concept designed to put you and your business right at the heart of your local community. Just Pizza & Pasta is one of the UK’s most dynamic and upcoming restaurant franchises designed for those who dream of more from their careers.

No complex menus or business models, no expensive branding & set-up fees…just a great business opportunity! Our flagship restaurant on the Isle of Man now has more than 800 4 and 5-star reviews on Trip Advisor and Google.

So, is it Just Pizza & Pasta?

Yes, but we also do a few tasty risottos and salads following customer feedback, and serve a range of alcoholic and soft drinks, but you get the idea. We believe that keeping our menu simple, and putting all our energy and passion into making every single dish shine is the key to our success.

Behind Just Pizza & Pasta is a single objective: to ensure that every customer thoroughly enjoys each and every visit. Put simply, no-one else does that as well as we do!

As a Just Pizza & Pasta Franchisee you will benefit from:
  • Access to a simple, but elegant menu which is anything but ordinary
  • A theme and décor which will bring in customers night after night
  • Your own exclusive territory with thousands of potential customers
  • Full training on how to operate and succeed in, your franchise
  • Ongoing support from an expert team, from setup to launch, and throughout our partnership

Franchisee Attributes

You do not need previous experience of working in, or running, a restaurant; it would be a definite advantage, but our training and support systems are designed to coach you in everything you need to know. We’ve spent a great deal of time and effort on meticulously developing how our restaurants work, and creating robust systems on how to replicate that in any setting.

Management experience is required, as well as excellent communication, organisation, and problem-solving skills. A basic understanding of accounts and attention to detail would also put you on a good footing.

Training & Support

The training starts with a 10-day theory programme covering all aspects of running and managing your new business, based on our experience and expertise.

You (and your appointed manager, if applicable) will also be invited to spend 20 days working in one of our established restaurants. Our support staff will work with you in your new restaurant for 4 weeks to help you recruit and train staff, and assist you in a successful grand opening. You’ll have everything you need to confidently launch your business and grow it for many years to come.

Our involvement does not end when you are ready to open your own restaurant; your success is our success, so it is in our best interests to help you as much as we possibly can.

Financial Information

The franchise fee for a Just Pizza & Pasta franchise is ONLY £15,000 (plus VAT) for our first two franchisees, after which it will rise to £20,000 plus VAT, so get in now!

We have prepared a detailed breakdown of the additional set-up costs and working capital you will need while you build up your presence in the local area. This is based on our current outlets which we are more than happy to discuss further with you, obviously these costs will vary from location to location.

The initial franchise agreement lasts for five years, and is renewable, subject to certain criteria being met by the franchisee, and in agreement with the franchisor.

While we do not provide financing directly, there are a number of options to help you with your investment. It may be possible to obtain funding from most major high street banks, subject to status. Franchising is one of the safest and most secure ways of starting your own business, so many lenders rightfully see it as a much lower risk than a completely new start-up. You may also benefit from a Government Start-up loan.

Exact potential earnings can vary a great deal, but based on our current operations, we are more than confident that you can enjoy rapid and potentially significant returns on your investment with a Year 1 annual projection of £96k*.

* Please note that this figure is purely illustrative based on our own current operations. Exact earnings and running costs will vary from area to area. We will be more than happy to share more detailed financial information with you as you move through our enquiry process, and will help you to assess the potential of your own local area.

Stop Dreaming - Seize the Day!

Make today that “one day” and be part of something bigger and better; create that future you have always wanted to live – just like we have.

Come and share in our success story and take the wonderful brand we have built into towns and cities right across the UK.

2024 is Looking to be This Franchise’s Best Year Ever – Why Not Make It Yours, Too?

Just Pizza & Pasta Image

Overall, Just Pizza and Pasta served 62,000 customers over the course of the year. That’s an incredible 1200 customers every week! And this is no flash in the pan. 2023 may have been the best year they have ever had since they opened in 2016, but this is just part of a fantastic story of growth which has seen this brand build into something truly special.

No wonder Statista reports that Italian restaurants are among the most popular in Britain, with takeaway pizzas alone bringing more than £3.4billion a year. Looks like Just Pizza & Pasta have done more than their fair share to help those numbers!


Just Pizza & Pasta has style by the bucket load, there’s no doubt about that, but it’s no flashy chain restaurant set up to compete with the big-name city centre brands. It’s a destination which becomes part of the local community, a hub for people from all walks of life who just want to enjoy great food in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Of those 62,000 customers who visited last year, a great number were families who live nearby, couples, and local businessmen. They’re even seeing people come in now as adults and teenagers who first visited when they were kids 7 years ago when the restaurant opened. Customers who come back time and time again, and have made Just Pizza & Pasta part of their lives.

These are people who want more than just a generic pizza or bowl of pasta. They want a place to go, and be a part of.

This is a restaurant with heart.

Opening your own restaurant with a Just Pizza & Pasta franchise is your chance to tap into an already established business model, but still enjoy the kind of fresh, dynamic, independent feel which puts you front and centre of a great local experience. It really is the best of both worlds.

Just Pizza & Pasta Gallery Image
Just Pizza & Pasta Gallery Image
Just Pizza & Pasta Gallery Image
Just Pizza & Pasta Gallery Image
Just Pizza & Pasta Gallery Image
Just Pizza & Pasta Gallery Image
Just Pizza & Pasta Gallery Image
Just Pizza & Pasta Gallery Image
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