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Cafè Barbera

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Cafè Barbera—The Italian Coffee House - provides a great opportunity to own a business with a rich tradition and history with over 150 years of passion for the coffee industry.

It All Starts with Coffee from Europe’s Oldest Coffee Company

For over 150 years, the tradition of the Cafè Barbera—The Italian Coffee House—coffee company, the oldest coffee company in Europe, has been carried on by six generations of the Barbera family.

The Cafè Barbera franchise offers:

  • A world-renowned coffee brand, today present in over 60 countries
  • A great setting in a clean and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Great healthy food and beverages, fresh daily.
  • Great service that is friendly and passionate about Italian coffee.
  • A great combination of coffee house and fast casual dining.
  • Excellent corporate support and training.
  • Master Franchise & Multi-Unit opportunities.

The Cafè Barbera Difference!

Cafè Barbera features a wide variety of hot and cold espresso, macchiato, cappucino and latte drinks, as well as specialty coffees with flavorful syrups, sauces, chilled foam milk and fancy organic toppings.

All of our coffee drinks are prepared by baristas on manual espresso machines – no automatic push buttons! Each barista goes through extensive training and education in our coffee and brewing techniques before they’re ready to make a hand-crafted coffee drink to our standards.

Along with the highest quality freshly roasted coffee products, each Cafè Barbera offers a variety of locally sourced, fresh, healthy Italian and Mediterranean food items like pastries, hot and cold sandwiches on Panini and Ciabatta breads, and a large array of freshly made pastas, soups and salads.

Cafè Barbera locations are defined in four-unit sizes depending on the site:

  • Fast Casual Coffee Shop: 1,614 sq. ft. – 2,152 sq. ft.
  • Coffee Shop Standard: 753 sq. ft. – 1,076 sq. ft.
  • Coffee Shop Mini: 250 sq. ft. – 600 sq. ft.
  • Kiosk unit: 150 sq. ft. – 350 sq. ft.

Visibility, foot and vehicle traffic and surrounding businesses are all among the considerations when selecting an optimal Cafè Barbera site.

That’s why Cafè Barbera does not have a cookie-cutter business model for retail locations. Our outlets have been successful in a variety of locations, from storefronts to traditional malls.

At Cafè Barbera—The Italian Coffee House—We have always relied upon a community outreach and participation philosophy that customers understand as supportive of their personal lives and interests. That same “good life” marketing strategy is still applied to the Cafè Barbera brand today.

Family, friends, neighbors, schools, employers, congregations, service and social groups, non-profits and associations, fan/booster clubs and athletics all connect as groups with a shared, common interest in which the Cafè Barbera brand can participate and be engaged.

We believe that a successful store starts with a strong grand opening event. A well-publicized day (or even days) in which a customer base is encouraged to make their first visit to Cafè Barbera is encouraged.

Each new franchisee and its team attend our comprehensive, on-location 14-day In-Store Training opening session and is fully trained in the key operational & management elements that ensure a successful launch of their Cafè Barbera franchise.


Cafè Barbera Financial Data
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The Innovation Process of Cafè Barbera Continues Thanks to Blockchain

Naples, November 2021. After offering its customers the opportunity to buy coffee with cryptocurrencies on the e-commerce, thanks to the collaboration with Algorand & BleumiPay, Cafè Barbera, the oldest coffee roaster in Italy with over 150 years of history, is continuing its process of technological innovation to ensure full and complete traceability and transparency of its supply chain. The franchise is among the first to experiment with blockchain technology in what it hopes is a completely decentralized way to view its entire supply chain.

It's an important step made by the historic Neapolitan brand with a very strong propensity for innovation of such a traditional product like coffee. The move is also in thanks to a young management generation, able to seize the opportunities offered by new technologies and renew its position on a market where trust and transparency become selection criteria on a par with the aspects linked to the values of ethics and sustainability.

“We were the first in the sector to have introduced the possibility of purchasing our coffee also with cryptocurrencies on our e-commerce platform. A courageous choice that the market has rewarded even beyond our wildest expectations,“ declares Elio Barbera, Managing Director of Cafè Barbera. He adds: ”From here comes the stimulus to always look carefully at how technological innovation can bring value to our products. Thanks to the implementation of a decentralized blockchain protocol capable of validating our precious supply chain and demonstrating to our consumers the long journey of coffee, from the plantation to the cup, we have emphasized an aspect that is fundamental for us: to make known to all the positive impact that a shared policy between all the players in the supply chain can have on society and the environment. ”

To support the full operation of the traceability and transparency process of Cafè Barbera’s supply chain through blockchain, there is Trackgood, a New Zealand software house supported by NEM Ventures. Trackgood is a supply chain tracking and impact tracing tool that enables brands to build transparency in their supply chain with ease and share their impact stories with their customers to back their sustainability claims. Trackgood enables supply chain visibility by recording each step along an enterprise’s supply chain on the blockchain to provide an immutable record that can be viewed by consumers through an easy-to-use mobile app.

“The challenge we wanted to take up is an aspect related to a specific consumer need that can no longer be overlooked," explains John Hussey, founder of Trackgood. "In fact, 96% of this group is convinced that products from sustainable sources and made according to ethical principles can really make a difference for the planet. And 88% of them want brands to do their part to make this information always accessible and at their fingertips. A challenge that Cafè Barbera has taken up with us and that we are sure will bring further value to the work that the historic brand has been carrying out with passion and seriousness for over 150 years,”

By scanning a QR code on their smartphones, for the ‘’Clean Cup," "Blue Baron Java" and "Ethiopia Sidamo Gr 1" coffee products, Cafè Barbera users can discover the places and faces of those who make sure that coffee gets to their table. They can access the images of plantations, profiles of the farmers, the quality certificates, lot numbers, and even travel documents. The certified public information is counterfeit-proof due to the blockchain protocol, whose operational function is a cryptographic hash that confirms authenticity.

In the coming months, all other Cafè Barbera products will each have their own QR Code dedicated to transparency and traceability. A concept that has now become an integral part of the Cafè Barbera brand which, once again, focuses on technological innovation to redefine its positioning on the market in the name of modernity. An effort appreciated and shared also by the main European vertical marketplaces such as,,,, and which will offer great visibility to the initiative.

Cafè Barbera Videos
Cafe’ Barbera: 150 Years of Italian Coffee Heritage

Cafe’ Barbera: 150 Years of Italian Coffee Heritage

Enrico Barbera, CEO of Café Barbera and founder of the family’s new franchise concept, reveals the vision behind the rapid expansion of the brand, and the legacy behind the taste of the Middle East’s Italian coffee house.
Cafè Barbera Franchise
Cafè Barbera Franchise
Cafè Barbera Franchise
Cafè Barbera Franchise
Cafè Barbera Franchise
Cafè Barbera Franchise
Cafè Barbera Franchise
Cafè Barbera Franchise
Cafè Barbera Franchise
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cafe  barbera
cafe  barbera
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