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Cafè Barbera

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Cafè Barbera—The Italian Coffee House - provides a great opportunity to own a business with a rich tradition and history with over 150 years of passion for the coffee industry.

It All Starts with Coffee from Europe’s Oldest Coffee Company

For over 150 years, the tradition of the Cafè Barbera—The Italian Coffee House—coffee company, the oldest coffee company in Europe, has been carried on by six generations of the Barbera family.

The Cafè Barbera franchise offers:

  • A world-renowned coffee brand, today present in over 60 countries
  • A great setting in a clean and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Great healthy food and beverages, fresh daily.
  • Great service that is friendly and passionate about Italian coffee.
  • A great combination of coffee house and fast casual dining.
  • Excellent corporate support and training.
  • Master Franchise & Multi-Unit opportunities.

The Cafè Barbera Difference!

Cafè Barbera features a wide variety of hot and cold espresso, macchiato, cappucino and latte drinks, as well as specialty coffees with flavorful syrups, sauces, chilled foam milk and fancy organic toppings.

All of our coffee drinks are prepared by baristas on manual espresso machines – no automatic push buttons! Each barista goes through extensive training and education in our coffee and brewing techniques before they’re ready to make a hand-crafted coffee drink to our standards.

Along with the highest quality freshly roasted coffee products, each Cafè Barbera offers a variety of locally sourced, fresh, healthy Italian and Mediterranean food items like pastries, hot and cold sandwiches on Panini and Ciabatta breads, and a large array of freshly made pastas, soups and salads.

Cafè Barbera locations are defined in four-unit sizes depending on the site:

  • Fast Casual Coffee Shop: 1,614 sq. ft. – 2,152 sq. ft.
  • Coffee Shop Standard: 753 sq. ft. – 1,076 sq. ft.
  • Coffee Shop Mini: 250 sq. ft. – 600 sq. ft.
  • Kiosk unit: 150 sq. ft. – 350 sq. ft.

Visibility, foot and vehicle traffic and surrounding businesses are all among the considerations when selecting an optimal Cafè Barbera site.

That’s why Cafè Barbera does not have a cookie-cutter business model for retail locations. Our outlets have been successful in a variety of locations, from storefronts to traditional malls.

At Cafè Barbera—The Italian Coffee House—We have always relied upon a community outreach and participation philosophy that customers understand as supportive of their personal lives and interests. That same “good life” marketing strategy is still applied to the Cafè Barbera brand today.

Family, friends, neighbors, schools, employers, congregations, service and social groups, non-profits and associations, fan/booster clubs and athletics all connect as groups with a shared, common interest in which the Cafè Barbera brand can participate and be engaged.

We believe that a successful store starts with a strong grand opening event. A well-publicized day (or even days) in which a customer base is encouraged to make their first visit to Cafè Barbera is encouraged.

Each new franchisee and its team attend our comprehensive, on-location 14-day In-Store Training opening session and is fully trained in the key operational & management elements that ensure a successful launch of their Cafè Barbera franchise.


Cafè Barbera Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by Cafè Barbera to give you more information about the costs associated with a Cafè Barbera opportunity
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Cafè Barbera News

Cafè Barbera Opens in Dubai Hills Mall, UAE

Dubai Hills– Cafè Barbera since 1870 opened a new cafè in Dubai located in Dubai Hills Mall next to the food court.

The Innovation Process of Cafè Barbera Continues Thanks to Blockchain

The will to live an ideal way in which, simply by using your mobile device, you can know everything, absolutely everything about what you are drinking or eating: from the origin details of the producer to the indications on processing, storage, shipping, and expiry dates of the product. These are the premises that prompted Café Barbera, the oldest Italian roasting company, to embrace the possibilities offered by blockchain technology to show and demonstrate to consumers all the commitment and work behind a high-quality cup of coffee.

Cafè Barbera Opens in Al Barsha, Dubai

Cafè Barbera “The Italian Coffee House”, opened a new outlet in Dubai located in the Al Barsha area.

Cafè Barbera Opens in Miracle Garden, Dubai

Dubai, UAE– Cafè Barbera ‘The Italian Coffee House’, opened a new outlet in Dubai located in front of Miracle Garden.

Refreshment Training for Cafè Barbera Outlets in the UAE

On Monday the 20th of December a refreshment training for Café Barbera managers and employees, took place in Café Barbera Al Barsha.

Cafè Barbera Opens in Cairo Festival City Mall, Egypt

Cafè Barbera ‘The Italian Coffee House’, opened its first flagship outlet in Egypt located in Cairo Festival City Mall.

The Innovation process of Caffè Barbera continue thanks to Blockchain

In the coming months, all other Caffè Barbera products will each have their own QR Code dedicated to transparency and traceability.

Cafè Barbera Opens in Accra, Ghana

Cafè Barbera since 1870, officially launched yesterday its 4th store at the Meridian Apartment Complex in Accra.

Cafe’ Barbera: 150 Years of Italian Coffee Heritage

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Cafè Barbera Franchise
Cafè Barbera Franchise
Cafè Barbera Franchise
Cafè Barbera Franchise
Cafè Barbera Franchise
Cafè Barbera Franchise
Cafè Barbera Franchise
Cafè Barbera Franchise
Cafè Barbera Franchise
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