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A revolution in health and wellness

Combining the best elements of gym and care franchises in a new market segment

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We’ve created an emerging and lucrative market sector by bringing affordable, high-quality massage to the High Street. Our pioneering approach brings what’s been traditionally an out-of-town service directly to town centres, in convenient, warm and welcoming professional massage centres.
  • Emerging market with no direct competitors
  • Insatiable demand – every centre is fully subscribed
  • Membership subscription model with recurring monthly income
  • Strong margins with up to £220K p.a. profit from established centres
  • Our accredited Training Academy provides franchisees with exceptional therapists
  • Multiple sites already in development for 2023, with expansion to 100+ centres by 2030
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Business Model

This is a revolutionary, category-disrupting business model, developed and proven here in the UK – and there’s more demand than we can keep up with!

Operating from a large centre, we'll train your expert team to provide four types of massage to the highest standards. We’ve honed the model and learned the lessons, so we can help you build a thriving business on firm foundations that are already proven to work.
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The Massage Company Image

“I wanted to be in early. It means I can learn from the outset and build out a strong area for myself that grows with the brand.

I like the idea that it’s still a young, entrepreneurial brand.” - Gavin Hawthorn, TMC Altrincham


Our powerful combination of massage quality and accessibility plus first-mover advantage generates significant returns for franchisees.

  • Investment - £170K
  • + bank funding, total initial investment c.£500K/centre
  • (bank funding subject to status)
  • Net profit - c.£220K+ p.a.
  • c.1,500 members
  • EBITDA of 20%-24% (once established)
  • Sale value - c.£1M
  • projected for successful established centres
  • (using typical multipliers)

Figures are projections based on centres operating in the UK currently and are not a guarantee of future performance.

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“We wanted a business that would provide a steady income whilst balancing with a healthy home life. It is hugely rewarding to see the benefits that we can bring to the community.” - Mark & Rachel Coldham, TMC High Wycombe

TMC Training Academy

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Pennie Withers

Our vision is to have 100+ centres open throughout the country by 2030, providing an industry-leading place to work for approximately 3,000 professional massage therapists.

This requires the training of hundreds of new best-in-class therapists, which is why we developed The Massage Company Training Academy.

The course was created by industry pioneer John Holman, our Director of Massage Training, recognised worldwide as one of the most foremost massage experts with over 30 years of experience.

The course has been carefully curated, ensuring the delivery of world-class treatments, and it’s fully internationally accredited and recognised.

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For franchisees, that means they can rely on a steady stream of fully qualified, professional massage therapists who meet The Massage Company’s industry-leading quality standards coming through to meet their business needs.

Our Story

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After more than 25 years each in the spa sector, building and selling multimillion-pound businesses and leading some of the industry’s biggest organisations, founders Charlie Thompson and Elliot Walker noticed something exciting.

Massage was delivered in dedicated spas and upmarket hotels, and that left a HUGE opportunity in the market – convenience.

They thought: what if massage was affordable and accessible to everyone?

The Massage Company’s first centre opened in Camberley in 2016 and was immediately successful. Demand quickly outstripped supply, and we knew that our wellness revolution had begun.

Our first franchised centres swiftly replicated our original success. Having created the emerging market sector for accessible and affordable massage in Surrey, we’ve now seen the same rapid growth in every location where a franchisee has opened their centre.

And you can see it – and profit from it – too.

Next Steps

Contact us below to receive a franchise prospectus with further information. Then set up a call with Esther, our franchise recruitment manager, before meeting founder and CEO Elliot Walker and enjoying a complimentary massage to experience the TMC quality for yourself.

The Massage Company Financial Data
The following financial information was provided by The Massage Company to give you more information about the costs associated with a The Massage Company opportunity
Personally, you will need to have access to between £125,000 and £200,000, with the total estimated investment for each Massage Company franchise ranging from £200,000 to £350,000, including an initial franchise fee of £25,000, plus VAT.

The final figure will be largely determined by the costs involved in the acquisition of the property and its fit-out costs.
A number of High Street banks have already seen presentations of The Massage Company and recognising the size and success of the spa and leisure industry have agreed to provide finance to suitable franchisees subject to the bank’s own specific lending criteria. However, experience suggests that they will probably only lend up to 50% of the capital required with the franchisee needing to find the remaining 50% from other sources.

You will be assisted to write your Business Plan which will include sales, profitability and cashflow projections which will be needed to support your application for funding from the banks.
The Massage Company News

Marketing executive swaps big brand background for a big future of his own

Following years of experience working in executive marketing positions for some of the UK’s biggest brands, when Gavin Hawthorn wanted to do something for himself, he had clear criteria in mind.

Harrow heralds the Fabulous Four!

Excited for the future of Harrow, Ramesh Kerai, Sunil Sharma, Ramesh Pindoria, and Centre Manager Pav Sarma, share the news of the latest franchise with The Massage Company, the brand revolutionising wellness by bringing high-quality massage to the mainstream.

Why The Massage Company’s clients stayed loyal even when the doors were shut

Retaining clients when the Government makes you shut your doors is a challenge - but The Massage Company managed to keep its customers loyal during the pandemic, put its prices up, and emerge even more profitable than before.

Embracing challenges brings post-pandemic profitability for The Massage Company

Franchisees of The Massage Company aren’t just surviving but are positively thriving, emerging from the pandemic fitter, stronger and even more profitable.
The Massage Company Success Stories

Six months of community success at The Massage Company Harrow

November 16, 2023
It’s been six months since business partners Ramesh Kerai, Sunil Sharma and Ramesh Pindoria opened the doors to their massage centre in Harrow – and the experienced property entrepreneurs have particularly enjoyed the response from the local community.

How redundancy pushed Sunny into the welcoming arms of The Massage Company

November 24, 2021
Losing his job may have seemed like a cloud in Sunny Sachdev’s life - but its silver lining led him into a lucrative new future as a franchisee with The Massage Company.

How to be a hands-off investor and own a lucrative mainstream massage business

November 24, 2021
Taran Bassi is a businessman with a finger in numerous very successful pies, so he knew he wouldn’t be able to devote much of his time to any new ventures.

How honeymoon massages opened a newly-wed’s eyes to a lucrative future

November 24, 2021
What began as a dream on a honeymoon in India has turned into a reality - and a very lucrative one - for Mark Coldham.
The Massage Company Testimonials
"This is a business that has embraced social media and has brought what was once considered a luxury to the mainstream. Their work ethic is incredible and the focus on customer service gives very positive experience on Camberley Town Centre as a whole."
The Massage Company
"Great service, great team, amazing value. An innovative business."
The Massage Company
"Best customer experience, and I've had loads of massages. The branding and idea is really good and I think they'll make a big success of this."
The Massage Company
"They are the first membership based massage company in the UK and are so professional with a very friendly team who are more than happy to help with anything."
The Massage Company

The Massage Company | Franchise Introduction

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The Massage Company Franchise
The Massage Company Franchise
The Massage Company Franchise
The Massage Company Franchise
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Single, multi and area developer franchises available across the UK. Master licenses available worldwide.
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