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Join the Electric Vehicle charging revolution and build your own successful and rewarding business. An exciting new opportunity in an industry with incredible potential. It’s time to embrace change.

As a fresh and dynamic company. Mr Charger is at the forefront of the UK’s green energy revolution as leading specialists in one of the country’s fastest growing sectors. It is now looking for more talented individuals to join them in expanding the business across the UK.
“I realised this was my chance to break into the EV market early on!”
Nick Creer, Mr Charger Preston

A Growing Market

If you’re thinking about starting your own business, you don’t want to set-up shop in an already crowded market. You want something that is new and exciting and offers incredible growth potential for many years to come.

The EV and electric charging market in the UK is on the cusp of a major boom. With petrol and diesel cars being phased out by 2030, and consumers increasingly opting for greener and more sustainable technology, we are only just seeing the start of what will become a huge industry in the future. In 2020 alone, new electric car registrations rocketed by more than 90%.

Currently, electric charging stations are a rare sight in the UK, but this is set to change. As electric vehicles move from niche purchase to mainstream consumer choice, the demand for charging stations in both domestic and commercial settings is growing year on year.

Now is the time to invest in the electric car revolution.

An Unmissable Opportunity

Are you an experienced electrician who has had enough of the daily grind and is ready to go into business for yourself? Perhaps you even want to find a way to get off the tools and take on a more managerial role?

Or maybe you are an experienced businessman or woman who is looking for the next big thing? Or someone who want to be self-employed and be part of an industry that can have a positive impact on the environment?

Whatever your background or goals, if you recognise the huge potential of this growing market, Mr Charger has everything you need.

This is your opportunity to tap into a huge new market before your competitors catch on. With our structured business model, consistent pricing structure, and expertise in the latest EV technology, the Mr Charger franchise is your route to a successful and rewarding future.
“When I found Mr Charger, I thought to myself: If I don’t do this now,
I am really going to kick myself in the future!”
Steve Fabian, Mr Charger Gloucestershire

Why Choose Us?

“You’ve got a business model that’s already in place, there’s a brand, there’s logos, there’s infrastructure behind it – all of these things are already there.
The opportunity is ready to go, essentially!”
Matt Riddle, Mr Charger Bracknell

As a Mr Charger franchisee, you’ll be ahead of the curve in a cutting-edge business with considerable earning potential. You will also benefit from:
  • Our tried-and-tested business model with a brand which has already made a name for itself as an industry-leading innovator.
  • Full training in every aspect of delivering our service, including installation and maintenance; and for running your business, including management and operations, sales and marketing
  • Expert advice and guidance from our highly experienced team, whenever you need us
  • All the benefits of running your own business, but with the support, experience, and expertise of joining an established franchise brand
  • Support to launch your business, including access to an already established client-base, and opportunities for immediate public and private contracts.
  • Access to the very best manufacturers and equipment suppliers in the industry
  • Your own exclusive, protected territory.

Above all, joining the Mr Charger franchise is the ultimate opportunity to take control of your career and enjoy a better work-life balance. Make your skills and experience work for you for a change.

EV is the future. Isn’t it time you started thinking about yours?

Next Steps

Ready to be part of an exciting new business revolution? Find out more about franchising with Mr Charger, click to the link below!

Mr Charger News

Strong growth goals being met by Mr Charger

Wondering whether there’s a future for you within a franchise like Mr Charger? The growth of a brand offers an overview of your future success. So, take a look at how we’ve grown over this 2021.

Mr Charger makes paperwork a thing of the past for its franchisees

For Mr Charger franchisees, the benefit of a partnership with software firm, Jumptech, is making the admin-side of running a business easier to handle.

Walking away from the black gold to pursue a green career

Mr Charger Image

You can’t help but be aware of the crisis facing the gas and oil industry, and the difficulties for those who work within it due to rising costs, and production challenges. The black gold of the past is no longer prized, as people look for more sustainable ways of living.

For Mike Rhodes, after almost 30 years of working in gas and oil, he knew it was time for change. “The oil industry is typically cyclical, affected by global economics and politics. The last few years have been incredibly difficult. Even though I’d enjoyed a fairly successful career, it became harder with each round of restructuring, to let go of exceptional people I’d worked with. It was during the final round of redundancies I was involved with, in the summer of 2021, I knew I had to go. Plus, I was aware of the changing attitudes toward sustainable living, thanks to my three children.”

Mike had worked up the ladder and was involved in business management. “I couldn’t keep going with the way things were looking, so took voluntary redundancy. After so long working in one industry, my next career move had to be right. I wanted to run my own business but was fully aware of how long it can take to build-up a brand. At this time of life, I wanted a more viable option. I wanted to invest in an existing business and grow it until I retire. And, I wanted something new, exciting, and more technology-based.”

Whilst speaking to his wife, one evening, Mike realised there might be a franchise worth investing in. “She’s a sustainability director and told me about an Electric Vehicle (EV) expert who’d started working with her company. I felt a renewed sense of purpose as I searched for the right franchise and came across Mr Charger. The brand was exactly what I’d been looking for! In speaking with them, I quickly saw how good the business model is, and experienced how supportive the Head Office team is. I was sold! I made the investment and bought Mr Charger covering Milton Keynes and Banbury.”

Mr Charger installs EV charge points for both residential and commercial customers. With so many people switching to greener driving (EV sales overtook traditional car sales in March of this year, compared to the whole of 2019), more accessible charge points are needed. “It’s an exciting new challenge,” Mike says. “After reaching the top positions with global companies, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking you know everything. Starting a business from scratch, I’ve realised I still have so much to learn. There are no finance or HR departments to lean on: I’m it. It’s busy. It’s refreshing!”

As he doesn’t have any electrical experience, Mike has employed engineers to carry out the EV installs. “This gives me the freedom to focus on making connections with both commercial and residential customers around Milton Keynes and Banbury. We have an impressive number of industrial locations in this area. So, I’m keen to support businesses as they switch to greener driving for their fleets, as well as helping individuals find the right EV charger for their new car.”

As the father of three invests in the future of the planet with his new business, he’s enjoying a new-found respect from his kids, “They weren’t overly impressed with my previous career choice,” Mike laughs. “They, like most of their generation, are more aware of the need to switch to sustainable fuels. They now tell me how proud they are of me doing something progressive! Joking aside, I’m happy to be able to help others make a positive change. My team and I will be there to help make the process as easy and as pain-free as possible, so people can start driving green.”

If you’re ready to invest in the future of the planet with a sustainable business, contact Mr Charger.

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