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If you love business, making deals and enjoy a challenge, you’ll find this franchise utterly fascinating! Be part of a mutually supportive team helping business owners achieve their goals.

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Business Partnership is looking for people, just like you, who have commercial experience with a passion for business and the desire to help business owners achieve their dreams, to join their friendly and dedicated team.

Business Partnership is a somewhat unique franchise operation in that the board of directors have all been franchisees (and have over 60 years of experience between them) meaning that they are well aware of the challenges you may face including knowing the changing needs of clients, adaptations in the market as well giving you the ‘hands-on’ operational advice necessary to deliver the service. You will receive all the help and support you need to get your franchise area up and running as soon as possible.

You’ll also be able to draw on the invaluable advice and knowledge from your fellow Regional Partners, should you need to.

Who is Business Partnership?

Established in 1979, Business Partnership is one of the UK’s leading independent business broker networks with vast experience in advising owners on the sale of their businesses.

The role of its regional partners is to support business owners, while earning fees from business sales and valuations, as well as acquisition and exit planning.

You will join a national group of like-minded partners, who enjoy a flexible and rewarding lifestyle; some are working to build their franchise, having only joined in the last few years, whilst others have over 20 years of experience with the franchise.

The Franchise…

The franchise can be run from home on a part-time or full-time basis, depending on your ambition and other commitments.

As a Business Partnership franchisee, you will have your own dedicated area, so local knowledge can be a huge asset. Selling a business in rural Scotland or coastal Wales brings different opportunities and challenges to selling a business in Central London or other big cities. Being part of the franchise adds a national brand to your efforts, working collaboratively to secure clients and sales.

You will work with an eclectic set of clients from small local businesses, likely to be bought by someone local to larger businesses which may attract buyers nationwide, or even from overseas.

Business Partnership’s central CRM system brings everything together. Sales listings appear on their Business-Partnership website, as well as all the major businesses for sale portals seamlessly, while their BP-Corporate site is there to attract larger business sale clients.

The Franchisees…

Successful Business Partnership franchisees have come from very different walks of life, business sectors and parts of the country. Business Partnership’s most recent franchisees have come from backgrounds in banking, finance, sales & marketing, manufacturing, accountancy, legal, and engineering.

During the decades that Business Partnership has operated, some common qualities have emerged that help you to hit the ground running.
  • The ability to establish a rapport quickly
  • The willingness to network (an important generator of introductions)
  • The desire to participate in a mutually supportive team
  • Credibility in at least one business sector with the ability to confidently converse at all levels
  • Self-motivation and drive

The Training and Support…

Business Partnership’s extensive training program includes an initial six days of training with the directors covering all the aspects of the below AND MORE…:
  1. Marketing - How to find people who want to sell businesses
  2. How to value a business - including accounts interpretation
  3. Converting prospects to clients and what fees to charge
  4. How to find buyers
  5. Full training in handling negotiations through to completions

Lastly, two further training days are taken at your discretion to deliver the support you require.

Business Partnership also holds national franchise meetings where everyone comes together to exchange experiences and ideas. This is supported by virtual meetings & training on any system updates.

The Investment

The franchise fee is £25,000 + VAT and with the minimal overheads of a home-based business; there are two main monthly fees to factor in to the franchisor; the management service fee and your contribution to the national marketing fund (a fund that supports all regional partners) neither of which are based on a percentage of your earnings – the more you earn the more you keep.

Business Partnership do recommend that you calculate your approximate living expenses for at least 6 months and add this in to your cash-flow requirements.

The franchise territories are generally two to three counties in size… and work on a business population of around 80k per territory.

As a Business Partnership franchisee, you will enjoy four main income streams:
  1. Sales commissions
  2. Purchase commissions,
  3. Formal valuations and
  4. Value Builder and exit planning consultancy.

Your Next Steps…

If you can see yourself as a Business Partnership Regional Partner, the next step is simple, just complete the form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Business Partnership Case Study | Tim & Nikki Bayley, Birmingham & Warwickshire – Over 20 Years and still going strong!

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They celebrated their 20th anniversary with the brand in September 2021 and this dynamic couple still feel the same sense of achievement in being able to help their clients achieve their goals over 20 years on from when they took on the business.

Prior to becoming regional partners with Business Partnership, Tim and Nikki had lived all over the world. Tim left Loughborough university in 1983 with an Honours Degree in Mechanical Engineering and joined British Coal as an underground shift charge engineer. With an eye for the figures, Tim moved over to the Regional Headquarters and held various project management roles on an exciting major project to develop one of the largest new deep coal mines in Europe, which he saw through to the planning application phase.

Tim left to pursue more senior project management opportunities around the world, reporting at board level to large corporations. The project included various goldmine developments in West Africa, managing capital expenditure more than $100m per annum, a $150m carbon black production in Canada and aluminium processing plants for both China and India. Tim has also worked in Ghana for one of the biggest goldmines in the world.

By 1997, the couple had their son Josh and decided it was time to move back to the UK. Tim set up his own engineering consultancy in Warwickshire, offering project services to the water and sewerage treatment industry. It was while operating this business that Tim and Nikki took over Business Partnership Birmingham and Warwickshire. By this time, Nikki had held several sales and administration posts in a variety of sectors including real estate, healthcare, kitchen and curtains supply and engineering.

“We had grown disenchanted with the corporate world and decided it was time to buy a business of our own. We had looked at almost every option available and considered all avenues, but we knew we wanted to start local. We saw the advert for a franchise territory with Business Partnership and because of my sales background and Tim’s project management background, we thought it would be the perfect fit for us. The security of the business being a franchise was a bonus,” explained Nikki.

“We are able to run the business around our lifestyle, which allows us to work from home, as well as take work away with us if we’re travelling. We love meeting all the interesting business owners we get to work with – all of whom have a story to tell. We see ourselves continuing our work for another 5-10 years. The support network of regional partners is also fantastic. A few years ago, Tim had an operation which left him unable to work for three months. The regional partners were fantastic in helping me out and taking phone calls to lighten my workload.”

“One of the best things about being a regional partner with Business Partnership is helping people achieve their goals. We can offer a more professional and personal service to our clients with truly local representation and knowledge of the local marketplace. For many people, owning a business is like having a child they have reared and there’s an emotional element to selling. As a broker, you must understand that. Even after 20 years, when a sale or purchase is completed, we still have the same sense of achievement being able to help a client achieve their goal,” said Tim.

If you want to know more about Business Partnership, get in touch today.

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Five Advantages which secure a smoother sale for your business at higher price

Five Advantages which secure a smoother sale for your business at higher price

Five Advantages: Which secure a smoother sale for your business at higher price.
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