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Your excellent opportunity to run a professional, time flexible and lucrative professional services business from home, from one of the most recognised and trusted brands in the industry.

Become part of the UK’s longest established claim solutions franchise network assisting property owners in their time of need.

Our proven franchise model has delivered high profits and an enormous sense of personal achievement for our franchise partners for two decades, continually demonstrating that you can, at the same time as making high six figure returns, provide a service at no cost that helps people in their time need.

All of our highly professional franchise partners are authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to assist in the managing of building policy holders’ claims from start to finish.

Those who have invested in a Concept Claim Solutions franchise in good times, in recession times and during the Covid pandemic, have benefited from how resilient our proven business opportunity is because our performance has not been affected by any of these factors. Property damage occurs no matter what, regardless of the effects of events like recession or pandemic.

Property damage insurance claims in the UK amount to over £3 billion each year. Every policyholder is entitled to appoint professional representation, such as Concept Claim Solutions, meaning the service is always in high demand.

Concept Claim Solutions are part of the Insurance Solutions Group, who are proven specialists in franchise development and servicing the insurance sector.

ISG is a UK wide, specialist group of companies with over 35 years of experience operating in the insurance sector with a successful portfolio of multiple franchise brands.

Why Do Our Clients Need Concept Claim Solutions?

Concept Claim Solutions are the only franchise of our type continually rated in the annual Elite Franchise Top 100 and have been continually recognised within the industry for dedicated service to policy holders.

Building insurance claims landscape
  • 200,000+ Complaints in recent years and not reducing
  • Financial Ombudsman complaints up 42% year on year
  • Insurers pay out £17,000,000 per day
  • Pay-out by some insurance companies is only £1,250, while for others it is £11,250

With almost 1 in 5 claims being rejected by some insurers and often the initial offer from not covering the full potential costs, it is important that the policy holder has professional representation when making a claim on their building insurance.

Our complete service from initial survey to the completion of the repairs by Concept Claim Solutions’ approved contractors is at no cost to the policyholder.

The insurance companies promise of how easy and straight forward making a claim will be that are provided when a policy is sold, as the statistics on claim rejections and complaints plainly show, are often not the reality when a claim is made.

What Do Concept Claim Solutions Franchisees Do?

As a Concept Claim Solutions franchise partner, you will operate as claim manager authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to manage building policyholders’ property damage insurance claims.

The result for your client is a reduction in stress and loss of time often suffered when dealing with a claim themselves and the assurance of reaching an appropriate settlement, due to your appointment as their professional representative dealing directly with the insurance company on their behalf.

Regardless of whether the policyholder is a vulnerable client in need of assistance or just busy with life and short on time to manage their own claim, the professionally managed service, at no cost, you will deliver provides a valuable result.

Once agreed, repair works are fully project managed, including organising approved contractors and ensuring all stages of the repairs remain on track.

Potential Earnings

Operating as a professional advisor, the rewards are commensurate, and you will quickly achieve high rewards well into 6 figures.

What Sets Concept Claim Solutions Apart?

Being part of the Insurance Solutions Group means there are unrivalled resources available in the support and development of franchise partners.

Starting life as Concept Building Solutions ISG, it has developed into a leading light both within the insurance and franchise industry with a range of specialist expertise.

Head Office Sales & Marketing

Concept Claim Solutions have, over two decades, continually refined and evolved the methods used for the acquisition of claim management opportunities. These include all aspects from the use of the latest digital marketing techniques, the establishment of national client relationships, inter-group opportunities, networked introducers, and traditional local business networking.

Initial Induction Training

The ten-day induction training is split between a 5-day classroom-based training course, delivered by an accredited professional with hands-on, franchise operational experience, and a 5- day field-based mentoring period where the new franchisee can start to practise the newly acquired skills in a controlled environment before completing a full assessment to confirm satisfactory completion.

Ongoing, continuing professional development is underpinned via the achievement of CII and/or CILA accredited qualifications in insurance and claim management. As a professional advisor representing the interest of policyholders, the continued achievement of recognised, industry qualifications will ensure the highest levels of service are delivered.

Ongoing Claim Handling Support

Our centralised call centre and claims handling support team will provide you continuous support with contractor appointment, assessing insurance claim validity, negotiating, and settling your clients claim.

The Insurance Solutions Group manage the phones for you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and are often the customer’s first point of contact and currently manage 30,000 calls per year.

Support in the Field

Being part of the ISG, allows you a level of support unsurpassed in our sector. The group of companies directly employ teams of loss adjusters, surveyors and highly qualified technical staff allowing you to operate with the confidence of 100% support and backing. This is essential in enabling professionals from non-insurance and property repair backgrounds to be highly successful from day one.

A nationwide network of contractors is engaged across the group to ensure that when you require them, they can be appointed and manged fully.

You will benefit from being able to follow a proven business development strategy that will ensure your business builds quickly.

The Franchise Package

Probably the most comprehensive franchise package available to franchise partners, covering not just the expected elements, but many other items including accounting and company formation.

The Next Steps

Interested in Starting a Concept Claim Solutions Franchise?

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Concept Claims Solutions | The 1st Year as a Franchise Partner

Concept Claims Solutions Image

The best way to see how a franchise works from the inside is to hear it from a franchise partner. A year ago, Gary Dimond took the leap into franchise ownership and the first-year results did not disappoint. In fact, Gary’s project managed 38 insurance claims with an approximate value of £470,000.

Read on and watch the series of interviews to hear all about the reality of Gary’s first year as a Concept Claim Solutions franchise partner:

The First 3 Months

How did you find the initial training?

“My journey started with training at the Head Office in Preston, which was fantastic. It was delivered by a brilliant trainer, David Nelson, who has lived and breathed the Concept business for over 20 years.

Next, it involved spending a week with an experienced mentor, which was also a great experience; the mentoring support has been ongoing. That was followed by our National Business Development Manager spending time with me in the territory promoting the service. By week 3, I had my first insurance claim to manage and have been extremely busy since.”

What types of insurance claims have you managed so far?

By month 3, I had ten insurance claims leads, ranging from an escape of water in the home to fire and subsidence. One of the water damage claims was particularly large, about £100,000 plus. Head Office quickly provided someone to support me on the first visit to assess the damage.”

Months 4 to 6

How much work did you have by month 6 of trading?

“I have plenty of work; the insurance claims that have been fully scoped out total about £153,000. It’s a mixture of work, with the most common type of insurance claims being related to escapes of water.

Coming into month 6, I have everything I need to push the business forward and feel really confident. My personal goal for year 2 is to achieve a million-pound turnover!”

Being new to both the insurance and building sector, has the support been there to help you?

“When I first joined, I was worried about my lack of insurance and building knowledge, but one thing I quickly recognised is that you feel part of the bigger team. Although you’re running your own business, there is a team atmosphere. What I’ve found is that everyone is working towards the same goal. Nothing is too much trouble. There is always someone who will make themselves available to help you. The advice is superb; they really break it down and are patient with you”.

Months 7 to 9

Does the business meet your expectations?

“The business has more than met my expectations; there is plenty of work if you follow the business model. I have a steady flow of claims coming in and no longer have the little voice in the back of my head, panicking over whether there is enough work. I’ve got the opposite problem; there’s too much work. I’m now considering employing someone to help”.

Do you still feel supported?

“I feel fully supported. There are multiple challenges on a weekly basis, but all I have to do is call someone from Head Office. They provide you with reassurance and valuable advice, and there hasn’t been any challenge I haven’t been able to manage”.

What is your advice to someone who is looking at joining CCS?

“It’s a great opportunity. If you’re prepared to put the work in and have an appetite for the industry, you can certainly make a successful business. Just jump in with both feet”.

End of the First Year

Now 12 months in, did the training provided really prepare you?

“The training has been continuous. There is never a week that goes by where I’m not speaking to Head Office for advice, just to get a second pair of eyes on a report or learn wee nuggets here and there. The support team really encourage you to drive forward your business and succeed.”

Have you been happy with Concept Claim Solutions, and does your experience match what you were told during the recruitment process?

“I’ve been very happy; Concept is flexible, and understand everyone has different needs and training requirements. Your certainty never left on your own. I feel fully supported even 12 months down the line. I have a great group of people around me to help me further succeed in year 2”.

Were the start-up and operating forecast you were provided accurate?

“It was very accurate when you look at the business plan and forecast. It’s been almost exact to the penny!”

What are your plans for the next 12 months?

“Now, at month 12, I’m at the stage where things have certainly started to gather momentum with the business. There are lots of referral partners on board; I can really see the potential of how the business can grow. The next step is to free up some of my time by bringing on another person to support with admin and managing the claims.

When the first trading year has ended on such a high, you know that year two will be even better!”

Concept Claim Solutions Success Stories

Celebrating 10 Years as a Concept Franchise Partner

We are thrilled to celebrate Colin's ten-year milestone as a Concept franchise partner.

Why Being a Franchise Partner for Concept Claim Solutions is the Best Decision I Ever Made

January 31, 2024
“My name is Pasha, and I am a franchise partner for Concept Claim Solutions (South West Wales)."

Celebrating Franchisee Success: Sam and Zaf's Outstanding Performance

November 21, 2023
We would like to recognise and congratulate the exceptional performance of Sam Kazi and Zaf Aboobaker who joined Concept Claim Solutions in September 2022.

Outstanding Concept Franchise Partner - Autumn Quarter

November 21, 2023
Despite joining Concept only nine months ago, Concept Franchise Partner, Pierre of West Surrey has shown immense commitment towards achieving growth and maintaining outstanding service standards.

Concept Claims Solutions | The Franchise Partners of 2022

July 18, 2023
Hear from the Franchise Partners who joined Concept Claim Solutions in 2022.

Day in the Life of a Concept Franchise Partner

April 06, 2023
Whatever your background, the Concept Claim Solutions franchise provides you with a unique opportunity to join a market leader. The business offers scalability, repeat business and an enormous sense of personal fulfilment.
Concept Claim Solutions Testimonials
Sam and Zaf worked as Solicitors before joining Concept Claim Solutions in September 2022. They pushed themselves out of their comfort zone to achieve greater financial security. "We've had an unbelievable six months and are absolutely smashing the targets we set for the first year, so far the insurance claims we're managing total over £580,000. It was hard work initially; however, when you passionately believe in the service you deliver, and there’s an excellent Head Office support team behind you, it makes the hard work worthwhile."
Concept Claim Solutions
The level of support from the whole team at Concept is first class. The best support I have ever had in my whole career. I’m already 38% ahead of the financial projections. Given this I would recommend the Concept Claim Solutions franchise to anyone with the skill set which is wide and varied, I would have no hesitation in going through the process and experience all over again".
Concept Claim Solutions
Before becoming a franchise partner, I owned several hospitality businesses. After years of being impacted by factors out of my control, I wanted a business in a recession-proof sector. What I love about my Concept Claim Solutions franchise is that I don't have to worry about raising inflation, as all the costs associated with repairing the home or commercial property are passed onto the insurance company. As I enter year 2, I feel completely confident that 2023 will be another great year
Concept Claim Solutions
Concept Claim Solutions Videos
Concept Claim Solutions | The Opportunity

Concept Claim Solutions | The Opportunity

Watch this video to learn more about the Concept Claim Solutions opportunity.
Conccept Claims Solutions | Franchise Information

Conccept Claims Solutions | Franchise Information

Watch this video to learn more about the Concept Claims franchise opportunity.
Day in the Life of a Concept Claim Solutions Franchise Partner

Day in the Life of a Concept Claim Solutions Franchise Partner

Day in the Life of a Concept Claim Solutions Franchise Partner
First Year as a Franchise Partner- Concept Claim Solutions

First Year as a Franchise Partner- Concept Claim Solutions

Gary Dimond recommends Concept Claim Solutions
Concept Claim Solutions Gallery
Concept Claim Solutions Gallery
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