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Why and How to Choose a Quick Service Restaurant Franchise

Fast Food Franchise Article

Fast food is a great franchise model because people will always need to eat. But there is competition in the market. To stand out, it’s all about the offer, the image, the honesty of the brand, great customer service and good value. Location also pays a huge part too.
History has shown us that Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) franchises are resilient to economic headwinds. From the early 90s through to today, consumers who cut back tend to trade down from up market dining-out to deliveries. During the Pandemic, the Government was also quick to support the industry, encouraging people to venture out and buy from local hospitality businesses. If customers found something they liked, they developed a taste for it, and QSR operators developed a following. Burger & Sauce for example, did well during the pandemic and has enjoyed even more success since the economy opened back up.

There have also been technological developments which have helped the industry. These days, with the increased use of aggregators – such as Uber Eats – the QSR market is able to reach more customers even more easily and sales have been boosted as a result.

So what should potential franchisees consider when evaluating a fast-food franchise opportunity?

I’ve worked in the industry for over 20 years and the brands that succeed aim to give people value. Fresh products of the highest quality, simply served at a fair price work really well. This is because people appreciate honest food and will return for the product if it is consistently good.

Simplicity in a business model is also helpful. By this I mean: keep things simple for the customer. This ensures the menu is not confusing and the staples are consistent. It’s ok to add limited time offers (LTOs) for a little variety. Customers like some change but they also value consistency and comfort of knowing what can be relied on. It makes their buying journey easy!

Aggregators are great for customers. However, from an operational point of view don’t view the Aggregators as a necessary evil, embrace them as a business partner to grow your customer base. It’s important to work with them, to try and help them do the best possible job for you. Thats how we approach it at Burger & Sauce, and it seems to work. For example, we have a great relationship with Uber Eats. If you are looking for a fast-food franchise opportunity, choose a company that already has great relationships with Aggregators which will help you bring in business from day one.

A franchise that offers comprehensive training and ongoing support is also important. To succeed in the QSR industry you don’t necessarily need food industry experience. However, you will need business and/or staff management skills and a supportive franchisor to show you the ropes.

Finally, look for an operation that is simple and efficient. One that looks after its staff and franchisees and listens to feedback. At Burger & Sauce we have a saying: “Involve to evolve” this means everybody is valued and worth listening to. Good luck with your search for a fast-food franchise!

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