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Benefits of starting a food franchise business

The food and beverage industry is a permanent fixture in the UK’s economy. Worth £30 billion a year and growing at a rate of about 5% a year, the food and beverage sector dominates the franchise industry.

Starting a food franchise has many considerations to it, including picking a great location, making sure you meet health codes and getting potentially pricey equipment. However, the rewards outweigh the costs. Here are some of the benefits people tout when they start a food franchise business:

  • Recession-proof industry: In uncertain economic times, food franchises rarely have to worry. They will have a steady flow of customers who still enjoy treating themselves to a night out or a fast food meal every now and then. Even if consumers cannot afford luxury products, they will still be able to eat out – and that makes your business secure.
  • High market demand: With little time available to cook an elaborate meal, more and more people are choosing to eat out. They are finding that spending the money to go eat is worth the time they save, especially with all the fast food places and healthy alternatives that are springing up. UK consumers enjoy eating out and the demand won’t be going down anytime soon!
  • Popularity of different food options: The food industry is full of trends that continue to be on the uptick. Here are some of the ones that continue to thrive:
    • Fast Food: The fast food franchise sector is a versatile industry, performing especially well during difficult economic times, but also thriving when the economy is growing. As a quick, easy option for eating out, consumers love fast food! Since many fast food places are also adopting healthy ingredients, the sector’s popularity is exploding.
    • Pizza: The UK’s pizza franchise industry is growing at a very rapid pace, as pizza is popular amongst consumers. Although the US leads in its consumption of pizza, the UK is expanding its consumption levels to match those of the US!
    • Asian takeaway: Takeaway is a popular option for the hungry consumer that’s looking for a quick meal. These can be both healthy and tasty, and people have been spending over £1 billion on this takeaway in recent years.
    • Smoothie and Juice Bars: The health food craze is kicking in, as more people in the UK struggle with obesity and unhealthy lifestyles. Smoothie and juice bar franchises offer an alternative to traditionally unhealthy foods and snacks by offering something that not only tastes good, but is good for you.
    • Coffee Shops: The Office of National Statistics has termed the rise of these coffee franchises part of a growing "café culture." With the rise of Starbucks and other well-branded coffee chains, people are craving their morning lattes. The profit margin on these drinks can be high, and you can make a considerable profit with this franchise option.
  • Largest franchise industry: The food franchise industry is the largest sector of franchising and has an established history of success. When you’re entering into the food marketplace with a food franchise, you can rest assured that this is a well-traveled path with rewarding results for franchisees who are willing to put the time and effort into building their own successful food business.
  • Lucrative opportunities: With the high volume of traffic food franchises see in one day, there is opportunity for growth with a food franchise. You can start out with a very small staff and hire more employees as demand ramps up. As long as you pick a good location that is easily accessible and in close proximity to the workplace or popular retail outlets, food franchises can be highly rewarding financially.

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