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SDS (Same Day Security) offer locksmith services to both domestic and commercial clients. Own your own lucrative locksmith business in a thriving industry!

SDS (Same Day Security) – Locksmith Services

SDS (Same Day Security) is offering the opportunity to become part of an ever-growing established brand in the UK with huge earning potential and a proven model that works. We offer a locksmith service to both domestic and commercial clients in the UK.

SDS (Same Day Security) is family owned and we pride ourselves on our friendliness and professionalism. Our brand is modern, sleek and extremely memorable.

Being a locksmith is an exceptional career, offering flexibility, great earnings potential and the opportunity to really help people.

In the UK there are:
  • 25 million homes.
  • 5.4 million small and medium sized enterprises.

In 2015 there were:
  • 785,000 incidents of domestic burglary.
  • 214,433 incidents of non-domestic burglary.

As these statistics indicate, locksmiths can reach millions of customers: from the homeowner who has locked themselves out to business owners looking to protect their merchandise from thieves. SDS (Same Day Security) can help you on your way to achieving a career with huge growth and earnings potential.

What does SDS (Same Day Security) offer?

As part of your franchise package, you will receive the following:
  • Comprehensive locksmith training that will teach you the required skills.
  • Key-cutting training course.
  • Full set of high-quality specialist tools for tackling a variety of jobs.
  • Professional business stationery including gloss business cards
  • Document starter pack, including job sheets and terms and conditions.
  • Branded uniform.
  • Full online marketing package including geographical website and Google mapping
  • Social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) – design, set up and full optimisation.

Training & Support

With our franchises, you don't need to worry about how you are going to be getting work. We give you a complete marketing package and advice that is proven to help generate your enquiries.

With SDS, you will have support from the start. We will help you get professionally trained, setup and running at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. As an established brand, SDS have representatives who can help you make the right decisions for yourself and your clients. From day one, our experts will be available to assist you with everything from technical support and administration to sales and marketing.

Our business model has been tried, tested and perfected over the years. We have helped numerous people launch thriving enterprises and we have the experience to ensure you succeed.

The Investment

The current offer is available for just £7,400 plus vat for a fully set up SDS franchise. For a limited time only, we are currently running a special offer of the first 3 months FREE of monthly fees.

Complete an enquiry form today to request a free brochure and more information!

Same Day Security Case Study | Meet Conor

With break ins on the increase in the UK, along with more and more people renting properties and changing homes, this is a fantastic time to enter the locksmith industry as demand is extremely high.

Conor approached us in 2017 whilst looking for a career change. Although obviously cautious to begin with, Connor started his SDS franchise on a part-time basis to allow time to build his client base before stepping away from his current full-time position. It did not take Conor long to realise the potential and demand in the industry, and indeed foundhimself very swiftly in the position of being able to leave his job and go full time with his new SDS franchise.

Conor initially worked with our Google AdWords specialist to help build a fantastic campaign that immediately delivered results for Conor, alongside the other marketing material put in place for him.

After an outstanding first year, Connor has now developed his business into also supplying not just Locksmith services but also our wireless alarms and CCTV, combined with boarding up services. Conor also expanded into multiple additional territories with his thriving enterprise.

“If you're new to running a business, then buying a franchise with SDS is a no brainer. The support and knowledge you have access to is second to none. They will ensure that you understand the best way of operating and being successful. But will give you the autonomy to flourish”

Conor Greenwood, SDS Franchisee

Same Day Security Testimonials
The business is going well with my best ever week last week. I have two estate agents on board now supplying some regular work and have advertised in a local paper that has had some success, most of my jobs at the moment are coming through your marketing.
Nigel – Lockfast franchisee,
Same Day Security
As 2017 comes to an end, I thought it was time to review my new career as a locksmith trading as part of the Lockfast locksmith group. Before signing up I did take a few weeks to decide to join, but can safely say I have made the correct decision looking back. The initial contact was good, and Anna was always at the other end of the telephone when I needed to talk about anything, she was always one step ahead and my set up and training was completed in a very quick time. The training was outstanding the UK locksmith association set up for training was very comprehensive and, for them I would not have the knowledge I have in such a brief period. I still have lots to learn and every day is a learning day but thoroughly enjoyable. It was hard in the early days there are so many ways and places you can find work, its just finding the right source or places to get your leads, to be honest once you get set up and going work also finds you. My time is now very much my own, that’s the biggest thing for me I have complete control over when I work, and what jobs I do. I can work around my daughter’s day at school, picking her up and dropping her off. I really do wish id done it years ago when I first looked at the locksmith industry.
James Miller,
Same Day Security
If you're new to running a business, then buying a franchise with Bizlaunch is a no brainer. The support and knowledge you have access to is second to none. They will ensure that you understand the best way of operating and being successful, but will give you the autonomy to flourish.
Conor Greenwood, LockFast franchisee,
Same Day Security
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Available Locations:
Single and multi-unit opportunities available worldwide.
Business Type:
Minimum Investment:
7400 + VAT
Financing Assistance
3rd Party


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