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Why Coffee-Bike is a smart alternative to a high-street coffee shop

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Low risk

A key factor in many of our franchisee's decisions to join Coffee-Bike is that it is a relatively low-risk option. The Coffee-Bike's USP is the mobility and flexibility that it offers. Take a regular high-street coffee store for example, there are many reasons why this could be unsuccessful.

After opening a store, it could turn out that footfall isn’t as high as hoped, which in turn doesn’t drive the revenue to become profitable. It’s also possible that a coffee shop owner is unable to poach customers from other stores for example. If revenue targets cannot be met, this puts the investor in a difficult, untenable position, having paid vast amounts for their premises and barista equipment.

The scenarios above can still be present whilst with Coffee-Bike, however, you would have the advantage of moving from location to location to find your perfect pitch. If one location doesn’t work, you can always find another. Furthermore, unlike being a shop owner, you have the flexibility to have a permanent pitch during the week whilst also adding extremely lucrative caterings & events some weekends (many partners have earned over £1500 in a single day working at corporate events, weddings and festivals!)

Investment level

Many people dream of opening their own coffee shop but simply cannot afford to, with a realistic investment level of over £100,000 for premises and equipment. This is what makes Coffee-Bike a smart and viable option for many entrepreneurs. Our Coffee-Bikes cost a fraction of the price at £12,490, still with the potential to turn over huge revenues (Up to £10,000 a month).

Number of staff required to operate

Another huge advantage of joining Coffee-Bike is the number of staff required to operate. In a coffee store, you’re realistically looking at paying wages to a minimum of 3 to 4 staff. The Coffee-Bike can be operated by a single person (whether that be you or you hire a barista to run the Coffee-Bike for you).
A big advantage of course is the money saved on paying staff, but this also reduces the amount of logistical challenges you may face with staff (annual leave, people calling in sick, quality of staff), if you run your own Coffee-Bike or hire a trusted barista, you will have full assurance that operations are being performed to a high standard.

If you’d like to learn more about the Coffee-Bike franchise, please head to our page and click ‘Request more info’, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

The Coffee-Bike Team

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