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AMR - We need more like these

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All the ladies shown above are part of the AMR Group and have worked within our network for many years. All are self-employed and work the hours they chose. There is no maximum or minimum working day.

They also, all operate their businesses from home.

Fran joined us in October 2008 following a career in the Lettings sector and operates one of our franchised territories. Throughout this period, she has been a working mum with two children.

Louise joined us just over four years ago and following a career in the residential side of Estate Agency. Once again, she is a working mum and is based in our East Midlands region where she operates as a Regional Consultant.

Portia originally joined AMR in 2003 and has held a number of roles within the group. She is currently working self-employed and on a part time basis as a Regional Consultant, as well as operating her own Yoga business and being a single mum of two children.

Although you may be thinking that recruitment might be in the doldrums currently, you’d be mistaken. Therefore, we are keen to expand this side of our team.

You would be provided with full support during your induction, all of which would be provided to you - face to face, online - and whilst you are at home.

We do not ask a fee from you to join us, and we have opportunities in a number of locations over the UK.

Your privacy is assured.

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