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Why Does the Property Sector Remain Such a Stable Marketplace for Countrywide Signs?

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Everyone listens to the negativity in the press; it’s human nature. There might be some negative sides for some when it comes to the property market. For property sign erectors however, it’s the fluctuations which provide a well-balanced business model.

According to PropertyIndustryEye, data has shown that the number of property sales agreed in the first week of this year was in fact higher than the same period last year. Echoing this message are reports from online platform Rightmove. Rightmove analysis has recorded an impressive 55% increase in the number of people contacting estate agents in January compared to the two weeks prior!

Director, Justin Pearce comments: “The year for the property sector has started well. As property sign erectors, we keep a close eye on the marketplace. Our 25 years of experience, shows a clear correlation between the sales and the rental sectors.” He adds: “There’s a natural balance between sales and lettings. Both can perform well, but also on the flipside if one is booming the other may see a decline, however this all leads to opportunities for our franchisees.”

Adam Davison, Head of Business Development, explains how the sales and rental market impacts Countrywide Signs…

“Statistics currently show that demand from homebuyers is still up by 4% compared to the pre-pandemic market in 2019, however this demand doesn’t stop with sales. High demand in rental property is also continuing, which is reflected in the increasing rental prices throughout the UK.

“None of this suggests that 2023 house moves will decline. In the main, people will never stop needing housing whether purchased or as rentals.”

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