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Husse....August News Round-Up

Our franchise packages are tailored to allow franchisee's to achieve success,by providing leads with Husse's personalised free samples you will be able to build raport with potential customers which is a brilliant tool to help with the conversion of pet owners across the UK.

At Husse you have the benefit of a brand with 35-years market experience, to ensure all new Husse business owners are in the best position to achieve their maximum success!

Some of our Franchisee Great Work

Husse Image

Husse Wellingborough were sponsoring the Cats Protection Wellingborough and Rushden Branch in the village of Finedon Northants. Husse Wellingborough hosted the event in the Village hall and the Green.

The attendees were greeted with teas/scones and creams and there was also an Ice cream van to help tackle the heat! On the green there was various cat related items being sold by the cats protection, ontop of this our franchise leslie also had a dedicated Husse tent where she offered pet nutritional advice and sold our 100% natural pet food, with proceeds going to the cats protection!

We are very happy to announce on the day husse Wellingborough raised £561 which is a fantastic achievement and really highlights some of the great work and effort being made by our franchisees!

How does B2C work?

Selling to customers will be at the forefront of your business wherever you are out and about there is always the opportunity to promote the business. Some of the hot spots include Parks, Markets, Fairs, Dog shows and Cat shows. It could be providing business cards, leaflets and samples (up to 300 of which will be included in your franchise package) to all the pet owners around the area or as simple as providing informative information at markets so customers understand the qualities of the products as word of mouth can spread fast.

How does B2B work?

Selling to businesses may be a long process however can be extremely lucrative in the pet food market. Some of the key targets will be groomers, kennels, catteries, garden centres, pet shops and vets. The great thing about selling to stores is the added marketing and promotion around the area! You will have a 40% margin with all Husse products, you can negotiate margin with stores depending on the size of the store and order amount to gain the best results. Stores may even purchase up to a pallet of product per month, equal to around 35 customers!

Who can be an Affiliates or Distributor?

The good thing about affiliates and distributors is that anyone with a strong work ethic or a passion for pets could be a great candidate; you can even set up businesses to be affiliates. As an affiliate, the candidate’s job is to promote the product around your area in exchange for a wage or commission. The performance-based commission normally leads to the best results as the affiliate has the most incentive to perform. You can also make other businesses affiliates and run it on a commission basis this way the store is more inclined to collaborate with your business!

How does Husse's online sales work?

Customers within the UK like the option of being able to purchase online. The great thing for you as a franchise is all customers ordering from within your territory become your customer. You may not have ever met this customer but if they order to within your postcode you would be the franchise to service them. Online marketing is a great tool to find these customers. Our Social media team will be there to aid if needed to give the best advice and tips to maximise your online promotions and presence. Running online and offline sales in unison makes for a great business.

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