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Rhino Surfaces: From Humble Beginnings to National Success - Introducing the Rhino Surfaces Franchise Opportunity

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Rhino started its journey to transform the consumer experience and expectations of dealing with typical surfacing contractors. Consumers quickly fell in love with a product that retained its colour, had high resistance to weeds, superb slip resistance and most importantly, was permeable, meaning puddles were a thing of the past.

2013: the resin-bound industry was booming – but with that, came contractors who didn’t understand the product completely or the science behind it. The learning curves experienced in the first few years were costly so we made two decisions

  1. To have resin systems manufactured to our own specifications which would exceed the industry standards, and
  2. Create a detailed quality standard, construction specification and procedure for the installation of resin bound surfaces.

With a high demand for the product, we took the leap to move to larger premises and increase the team.

2015: Installing 25% more surfaces and revenue almost doubling, business was thriving! We had committed to providing exceptional customer service, a quality product and we were becoming a recognised brand, nationally. 2015 also saw the launch of our training academy – which has been (and still is) a huge success.

2017: This year saw our commitment to customer service, our extensive procedures and our stability recognised by the Government's Trading Standards department, and we were invited to become members of the much coveted ‘Buy With Confidence’ Scheme.

2018: With business continuing to grow and thrive, a bigger premises was needed! In 2018 we moved into a 6000 sq/ft site, which boasts a well-stocked trade centre, a ground-breaking training academy and an impressive showroom, along with a bigger team and branded vehicles.

Now in 2023, with a team of 8, a fully branded fleet, a nationally recognised training programme and a successful business model, it only felt right that the next chapter of the Rhino story was for us to replicate the same success, on a national scale – the Rhino Surfaces franchise opportunity was born!

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