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The History Of Lakeland Verandahs

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Lakeland Verandahs was founded in 2008, as the business collaboration of CEO Russell Millburn and Director Greg Kane.

Prior to that in the same year, Russell was made redundant from his job in the home improvement industry.

Prepared for a fresh challenge, he wanted to start his own business and therefore began exploring an assortment of franchising opportunities.

It was shortly after his life-long friend, Greg Kane, suggested he consider opening his own maintenance-free decking business, that Lakeland Verandahs was born.

With over 20 years’ experience within the uPVC home improvement industry, and business accreditations to match, Greg believed Russell was in the perfect position to take the industry by storm, satisfying the gap in the market with modern decking.

And with Greg on board as Director, Russell knew Lakeland Verandahs would be well-equipped to take on any future challenges. After all, Greg has maintained an outstanding reputation for himself in the home improvement sector, spanning 25 years.

Greg has achieved huge success building his own businesses spanning retail, installations and manufacturing, holding multiple positions. He is currently the CEO of Conservatory Outlet Group.

Lakeland Verandahs’ exponential growth in retail has been prompted by Greg’s knowledge, passion and skill for business development, marketing and lead-generation.

Whereas Russell knows everything about the design, sale and installation of Lakeland Verandahs’ products, understands the significance of delivering excellent customer service and places importance on benefitting from great margins.

With changes in consumer behaviour especially apparent in the last couple of years, Russell and Greg were keen to capitalise on the increased demand for home improvement products, so they made the smart decision to grow Lakeland Verandahs by turning it into a lucrative franchise model.

Last year, they reported a huge 4 million in sales – a 33% rise on the previous year, which was made possible due to both their vision and their very own franchisee’s dedication to the business.

Lakeland Verandahs’ 10+ franchises have profited from the training, marketing and support the model has provided them and in turn have upholded Lakeland Verandahs’ exceptional reputation across the UK.

If you want to be a part of Lakeland Verandahs’ future, get in touch here to learn about our franchising opportunities.

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