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New franchise owners make ambitious plans for Right at Home Telford

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We are pleased to welcome aboard Bright and Grace Gurupira as the new owners of Right at Home Telford.

The husband-and-wife team opened their office in July and are now looking forward to offering premium quality care to their community, having received their CQC registration last month.

Bright joins the network as an industry veteran, with over 20 years’ experience working in health and social care management settings, ranging from early-onset dementia care to post-operation physical rehabilitation.

Having most recently headed up a domiciliary care organisation, he and his wife Grace, an HR professional, chose Right at Home as the platform to achieve their ultimate ambition – launching their own business.

Bright said: “I want to use all the experience that I have gained over the years and channel my passion into everything that I want to see from a care service, but also be the person that grows and nurtures a team that thinks and feels the same way.”

But why, with a wealth of industry experience, did Bright opt to join a franchise?

“I’ve always considered that in our sector, reliability and high standards are crucial. Being part of a franchise enables me to tap into a well-known brand and business model that has already been tested and proven. This is great because it allows us to offer the best possible care while still maintaining a personal, community-focused approach,” Bright explained.

“So really, joining a franchise wasn't just about selecting a business model. For Grace and I, it was also about becoming a part of a brand that is genuinely making a difference in people's lives on a national scale.”

Bright and Grace approached five care franchises before deciding that Right at Home, with its reputation for quality and trust, was the perfect fit for them.

“We quickly realised, through our conversations with some other providers, that they were very much focused on how much money we could earn,” Bright explained.

“With Right at Home, the conversations were about using the quality of care we deliver to set a really good core foundation for the business. The hours – and sustainable profitability – will come later, as a result of that reputation for quality.”

Before joining the network, Bright and Grace attended a Right at Home Discovery Session where they explored the business opportunity in detail. They then underwent a rigorous evaluation process to ensure their skills and values complemented the Right at Home vision.

Bright said: “Lucy [Campbell, CEO], Ken [Deary, Chairman] and Kate [Dilworth, Head of Network Development] presented us with some challenging questions and that made us feel assured that they will only take on franchises who they believe are in it for the right reasons.”

Following the recruitment process, the husband-and-wife team spent ten days learning the management aspects of the Right at Home business model, with experts from all departments of the National Office support team.

They are now setting their sights on building and training a strong team of healthcare professionals, to serve older and disabled adults in their community.
Bright said: “I think that if you have the right individuals on board, who want to deliver a high level of care, then you’re onto a good start.
“So, the next year is all about building solid foundations because we intend for this to be a very long venture for us. It’s the last stop as far as work is concerned, so we’ve got to get it right in the first year, to enable us to run the business for 15 to 20 years, or however long it may be.”

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