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Mi Chaii franchisee opens two new restaurants after incredible first year

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We recently had some fantastic news from Mi Chaii’s Blackburn franchisee, Nabeel Ahmed, he is going ahead with his plans to open another two Mi Chaii restaurants in the North West. With new sites already signed off, and plans to outfit them already under way, this is a really exciting development for Nabeel, and the franchise as a whole.

It’s a real testament to just how well the business is working for Nabeel, and we couldn’t be happier about his successful progression to becoming a multi-unit franchise owner. The two new outlets in Manchester & Bolton are due to launch soon.

A Recipe for Success

One of the most incredible things about Nabeel’s success so far is that he only joined the franchise 12 months ago! He had originally taken an interest in the franchise in early 2020, but the pandemic put paid to his plans for a while. However, he was determined that Mi Chaii was the right route for him, and never gave up on his ambition, finally opening his site in Blackburn in July 2022.

Nabeel very quickly smashed through all his targets, turning over 30-40% more than financial projections predicted, proving to him that he had made the right choice. To be able to launch one restaurant successfully, and already be in the position to open two more, in such a short time, is nothing less than extraordinary.

Do you have what it takes to replicate his success?

There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by getting in touch to learn more.

Nabeel’s success may be remarkable, but it is in no way unique. Mi Chaii franchisees all across the network are continuing to enjoy fantastic sales and growth. The combination of your ambition, skills and experience, and a proven business model which always stands out from the crowd, could be exactly the winning formula you’ve been waiting for.

Get in contact with us today, and find out if a Mi Chaii franchise might work for you.

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