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Reindeer kebab is about to land

I am Doner Image

Inspired by a trip to Finnish Lapland, better kebab brand, I am Doner, is bringing back reindeer kebab for Christmas again this year. The recipe was developed in conjunction with a reindeer farmer whose family had been farming reindeer meat for over 300 years along and a locally acclaimed chef from the region.

Reindeer meat is low in fat and is considered one of the leanest meats, it contains more than double the values of some nutrients than others and is high in B-12, omega-3, omega-6 and essentials fatty acids. It’s naturally farmed and a traditional delicacy in Nordic countries.

I am Doner Image

Baron said “After the success of our camel kebab in May which sold out in days it seemed crazy not to bring back the reindeer! Reindeer meat is a wonderful game meat that is packed full of protein and vitamins making it a great mix with our doner meat for the Christmas special.”

I am Doner Image

The Christmas special ‘Doner & Blitzen’ Kebab will be available in Yorkshire stores throughout December. A vegan alternative will also be available.

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