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Burger & Sauce Franchisee Invests in new West Bromwich Restaurant

The new West Bromwich Burger & Sauce located just off the high street, on Bull Street, has created 20 new jobs.

Talha Masood who is Saad Masood’s brother - founder of Burger & Sauce – has a QSR background and is also franchisee for multiple food brands. With over ten years’ experience in the industry, Talha was quick to recognise the simplicity of the Burger & Sauce model and was keen to invest. He explains: “I looked at the numbers of the existing stores and could see how with the help of strong relationships with platforms like Uber Eats, the simple, fresh burger experience had caught on so rapidly! I own the Kings Heath franchise which is managed by my team and now I’ve invested in West Bromwich too, to provide the unique Burger & Sauce experience to more customers.

“West Bromwich is an up-and-coming area. We will occupy the ground floor of a new build. It’s a big space originally designed for three stores, however, I decided to take the whole 2,500 square foot to offer 50 covers, plus delivery to the local area once established.”

Talha Masood who originally began his career as a Civil Engineering Graduate before moving onto Project Management then diverted into the food industry when the commute from Birmingham to Gatwick became too great. He says: “The food industry is very different, challenging yet rewarding and it’s great to work closer to home! These days, I’m more of an investor, overseeing the operation from a higher level, while my team manages the day-to-day running of restaurants. It is clear Burger & Sauce offers many opportunities and I look forward to more openings on the horizon soon; how quickly, will depend on availability of locations and suitable sites. I’m excited to be part of the Burger & Sauce brand expansion and delighted to support my brother Saad in his venture, and to help Burger & Sauce become the house-hold name for fresh burgers in the UK.”

For those interested in running a Burger & Sauce restaurant, exclusive territories are currently available around two hours’ drive from Birmingham. A ten-year franchise licence is £15,000 plus store and fit-out costs and fees. Multi-site development licences are also available for approved franchisees.

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