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Hybrid Fitness - The Year In Review



We recently opened our studio concept in Sutton with our newest franchisee Jason. The studio concept is something we’ve been looking at for a while and this opportunity came along at the right time. We converted an existing studio into a Hybrid Fitness and now we are delivering our brand of S&C classes as well as Yoga and Indoor Cycle.

The studio has had a strong start and we expect this to continue into Q1 2023. Adaptability is something we pride ourselves on, whether it’s a completely different offering to our gyms or working with various spaces to provide the full Hybrid Fitness experience.


Coming quick off the back of Sutton, we quickly took over a former gym in Reigate. Jason, our franchisee at Sutton was keen to get another Hybrid Fitness on his portfolio and signed as the franchisee for Reigate.

Reigate is our full offering; gym, Hot Yoga studio, combat studio and S&C studio. We will be opening our doors early Q1 2023. Our contractors are currently clearing and renovating the space bringing it up to our usual high standards. Pre-sale has had a strong start and we expect to hit capacity by the time we open.


We are very excited to announce that Hybrid Fitness will be coming to Cardiff early 2023. We have signed a new franchisee and are currently negotiating with landlords on potential sites. We will be opening a full site offering gym, hot yoga and S&C. More news on this to follow soon.


We are in the very early stages, but a site in Loughton has been secured and we will be developing our plans for a 2023 opening. Watch this space.


Our flagship site, 10000 square feet of Hybrid Fitness. We’ll be opening in Wimbledon early 2023 and we’ll be bringing everything Hybrid Fitness to the site. Expect a full gym, S&C studio, Hot Yoga Studio, Combat Studio and much more. This location is going to be EPIC.


Rebecca Cox - Senior Gym Manager

Rebecca joined us with years of experience working for Pure Gym. Since coming on board she has made huge changes and improvements to the day to day running of our gyms and has had a big impact on what we do and how we do it.

Iveta Navickaitė - Marketing Exec

We hired Iveta straight out of university and she hit the ground running, upgrading our social media, bringing her humour, knowledge and up-to-date insight to the brand. It’s been a strong start and we look forward to seeing more from her over the coming months.

Paul Rose

Paul has come on board to develop our Strength & Conditioning product. We’re developing our classes to create a more athlete-centric training programme. Paul is driving the change, updating the programming, developing the product and creating something that is challenging, fun and inclusive. We believe that there’s an athlete in everyone and Paul is helping members tap into that.

To Recap

  • More sites to open soon
  • More sites in early stages of development
  • Multiple hires to drive growth
  • Three sites open and operating with strong numbers
  • A complete overhaul of our S&C classes to create a performance training environment

Bring on 2023!

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