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Double Gold Olympian Daley Thompson Signs Multi Site Franchise Agreement With Hybrid Fitness

Thompson, one of Britain's greatest athletes with two Olympic gold medals to his name, has agreed a deal to open a number of Hybrid Fitness clubs in the UK.

While no locations have been formally announced, Thompson has been actively evaluating areas in London and the suburbs for sites.

Thompson said it was the blend of high-performance training environment, affordable price point and openness that attracted him to Hybrid Fitness.

“I really like what Hybrid Fitness is doing. The training model is interesting because of the variety available to members and the quality of coaching offered. Throughout my discussions with MD Matt Payne, leading to this agreement, I’ve been impressed with what Hybrid Fitness is trying to achieve as well as its general approach to fitness in the community”.

“Health and fitness has always been a big part of my life. At Hybrid Fitness, members can enjoy performance training and coaching similar to that of a professional athlete, or can take it at their own pace in a warm, welcoming and community driven environment, I am delighted to be coming on board and helping the company continue its current growth”.

“We are on a mission to bring high quality, performance driven training to the community with the goal of positively impacting members' lives around the country” said Hybrid Fitness MD Matt Payne “This is a fantastic step for Hybrid Fitness. Having Daley on board strengthens our position in the fitness industry while his expertise and knowledge will be important as we approach the next phase of growth”

Hybrid Fitness. Established in 2021 is a rapidly expanding fitness franchise business with locations operating in Loughborough, London and Sutton, with new sites launching in Reigate and various sites around London in 2023.

One membership grants access to unlimited classes and a full, high-spec gym. Members can enjoy bespoke, in-house programmed Strength & Conditioning classes as well as a range of specialist combat classes including Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu and Boxing. All locations offer Yoga with some offering Hot Yoga.

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