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Triple Two Coffee Launch New Reading Store

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The store opening was highly anticipated by local residents and businesses alike, with everyone in need of a place to go for coffee, food, and even cocktails and pizza for an evening. Up until the opening of Triple Two Coffee, there has been nowhere of its kind within the village.

Triple Two Coffee Reading will be a community hub for those living and working in Green Park Village and Green Park Business Park, especially with its extended evening and weekend opening hours. Families from the village and workers from Green Park Business Park can finish their day and walk across to Triple Two on the square to wind down with dinner and a cocktail or two.

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You will find a vast variety of food and drinks on the menu. The food menu includes brunch and pizzas made to order, along with a fridge full of grab-and-go foods like sandwiches and fresh sushi. The drinks menu features an array of specialty coffees along with unique and traditional cocktails - some even have a Triple Two twist so be sure to look out for those when you visit - the Earl Grey Fizz is an in store favourite!

Triple Two Coffee Image

Triple Two Coffee Reading is a testament to the work the brand have done over the past 7 years. Triple Two Coffee first launched as a small kiosk inside The Brunel Shopping Centre in Swindon in 2016. Since then, the brand continued to grow, eventually franchising, and now boasts 20 stores across London and The South of England and Wales.

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