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Triple Two Coffee: Cirencester Brunch Sales Success

Cirencester is located in the Gloucestershire region and is a market town with a population of approximately 16,000 people. Most of the shoppers are local and they very much like to support local businesses.

Since introducing the brand-new brunch menu in September, Triple Two Cirencester has enjoyed a dramatic 240% increase in sales. The restaurant now sells over 1,000 brunch items weekly, and the management team is delighted with this achievement. "We saw an immediate response from our customers when we introduced the new brunch menu and it is clear that people are very pleased with what we have done so far", said David Hodgetts, Managing Director at Triple Two Coffee.

The new brunch menu includes a full English breakfast as well as a vegan and a veggie full English, sourdough breakfast sandwiches with your choice of fillings, loaded pancake stacks, and more. The menu is a taste of something different, with twists on the traditional breakfast favourites. For example, you will see the likes of tater tots, sourdough toast, and the Australian technique of folded eggs which involves an egg and double cream mixture gently folded onto itself to create a smooth flower-shaped result.

After such a positive response from the customers of Cirencester, Triple Two Coffee is now looking to roll out the brand-new brunch menu to all of its stores. They will also look to expand on the brunch menu and hope to include new and exciting items by the Summer.

Triple Two Coffee is a young brand, always looking for ways to develop and innovate for the benefit of our customers and our franchise partners. With huge plans to expand, the brand projects over 100% growth within the next 12 months.

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